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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment Centers

Helping a Family Member During Drug Addiction Rehab If someone you know and love is considering, in, or just finishing a program at an Orange County rehab center, you yourself are probably also facing some challenges. As much of a relief …

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Claim on Behalf of Child Filed for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Seven lawyers have told an appeals court in England that damage to an unborn baby caused by her mother’s alcohol consumption is equal to manslaughter. According to an article published in The Guardian, lawyers are seeking compensation on behalf of …

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Signs of Alcoholism

It isn’t always easy to see when your drinking has crossed the lines into addiction. Addiction can be easier to distinguish once you understand which signs to look for. Whether you are consuming alcohol simply on a social basis or …

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Help for Spouses of Alcoholics

Addiction is a family disease. Sadly, alcoholism does not only affect the alcoholic, but it also affects the family members, friends, and coworkers involved with the alcoholic. Spouses and children of alcoholics suffer a great deal from the trauma of …

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Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Meetings

In 1934, Bill W. began a legacy. The Alcoholics Anonymous framework was created when he initiated a 12 Step program that would change the hearts, souls, and minds of millions around the world for decades to come. Despite this long history, …

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Birth Defects from Alcohol

Using alcohol during pregnancy will have lasting affects on your baby. Adult bodies can better process alcohol than the bodies of smaller babies, especially those still forming inside the mother’s body. There are many birth defects that can result from using …

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