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7 Awesome Things That Happen When You Get Sober

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Thinking About Getting Sober?

7 Awesome Things That Happen When You Get Sober

If you are thinking about giving up drugs, we know this is a scary time for you. You are probably wondering what your life will be like when you stop getting high. Will I still have fun? What will I do with my time? How can I make new friends? This is completely understandable. Most people experience this kind of fear when they think about getting clean.

It requires great courage to admit you have a problem and reach out for help. We want to encourage you. Recovery is a beautiful experience, and it is available to anyone who wants to find a new way to live. It may not seem like it now, but you absolutely CAN and WILL learn to live and enjoy life without the use of drugs.

To get you motivated, here are seven awesome things that happen when you get sober:

1. You Will Know Freedom

Being addicted to drugs like alcohol, crystal meth, heroin, prescription opioids, cocaine, and even marijuana is like being bound in chains. Addiction keeps you in bondage, forever enslaved to your next fix, pill, or hit. This is what powerlessness is all about – using drugs against your own will.

Getting sober isn’t easy. You will experience withdrawals at first and may even need to undergo a medical detox. However; with time, you will feel better. Soon, your addiction will no longer be ruling your life. Recovery will take its place. You will experience freedom and you will know peace.

Living free is reason enough to get sober, don’t you think!?

2. Your Family Will Be Proud of You

When a substance abuse disorder is running the show, we do things we are not proud of. Many of us have stolen from, lied to, and cheated our families. We have worried them and kept them up at night. We have sometimes been abusive toward them. They want what is best for us and it’s time we started wanting what is best for us too.

When we get sober, our families are overjoyed. For the first time in a long time, they get a good night’s sleep. When they see the light in our eyes again, they know their prayers have been answered. They once again have hope that the person they love will live and not die and go on to do great things.

Are you tired of disappointing your family and loved ones? Get sober and make them proud!

3. Your Children Will Thank You

If you have children, there is no doubt that your addiction is negatively impacting their lives. You may think you are good at hiding your drug use – but think again. Kids are intuitive creatures and they know when mommy isn’t quite right. They notice when you talk too fast or your speech is slurred or you are crashed for three days straight.

Plus, you are neglecting them in ways you are not even aware of. You are not fully present. You cannot give them your full love and attention because you are living in a haze. Also, you are probably spending a significant amount of money on your habit that could be better spent taking care of your family.

Your children only get one childhood. We know you want to create happy memories for them to look back on. Get sober now and your children will thank you for it later.

4. You Will Have More Money in Your Pocket

It doesn’t matter whether you are using heroin or drinking whisky. Having a substance use disorder is expensive. Not only does it require you to spend money on your substance of choice, it costs you big bucks in other ways. These include legal problems, loss of work, late fees, and poor financial decisions.

When you get sober, you will have more money – and this is a great motivator. Just think of what you can do with more cash!

This money can be put to good use in ways that will benefit you and your family. You could go back to school, move into a nicer place, enjoy vacations, or buy yourself a new car. When you use drugs, you are spending money to slowly kill yourself. If this really how you want to invest your funds?

5. You Can Pursue Your Dreams and Goals

A drug addiction has a way of completely consuming your life. When you get sober, lost dreams awaken and new possibilities arise. Drugs have nothing to offer you but self-destruction and more pain. In sobriety, you can achieve goals and chase after dreams that you pushed aside in pursuit of your next high.

Addiction leaves you feeling depressed, unmotivated, and apathetic. The only thing that matters is getting more. This is no way to live! Life is meant to be enjoyed – and you only get one. We want you to make the most of your trip here on planet Earth.

How do you want to spend the next five years of your life? Sober and working toward a better life or addicted and hopeless? The choice is up to you!

6. You Will Experience a Spiritual Connection

Addiction leaves you completely spiritually bankrupt. We become completely self-centered in the course of our disease. There is no room for anyone or anything else in our lives. We are obsessed with getting more – and there simply isn’t enough to satisfy us.

Recovery is about so much more than just quitting drugs. It is a lifestyle – one that centers on spirituality and the relationship with a Higher Power. If you don’t believe in God, that is okay. You don’t have to. The 12 Steps of recovery will align you to a more spirt-centered life that will bring you joy, peace, and fulfilment.

7. You Will Make Awesome Friends in Recovery

Addiction has a way of isolating us. Many get high alone and hole up in their room for days without ever talking to another living soul.

Others have so-called “running buddies” they get high with and call friends. But, you can be sure that these people will steal from you, lie to you, or cheat you to get more drugs. There is no honor among thieves when it comes to addiction.

When you commit to walk the road of recovery, you will make amazing new friends who are also living a sober lifestyle. These people will share their experience, strength, and hope with you.

Friends in recovery will be there to support you, guide you, and cheer you on. Unlike your drug buddies, you can count on these people to stick with you through the good times and bad. Making new friends in recovery is easy. But, of course, you have to get sober first!

What Are You Waiting For?

There is, quite literally, an endless number of reasons to get sober. There is not one single valid reason to stay trapped in the vicious cycle of drug addiction.

It is no secret that drug addiction is a deadly disease, a cunning enemy of life. Every day that you continue to get high, you are putting your life at risk. And, in the meantime, it’s a pretty miserable existence.

You can make the choice today that you are done living a life centered on drugs. Help is available. Recovery has so much to offer you. It may not be easy, but it is always worth it.

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