ATCPCC Testimonial – Deb Moorehouse

ATCPCC Testimonial – Deb Moorehouse

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    “Hello, my name is Deb Moorehouse and I’m the Career Consultant with A Step in the Right Direction.  It’s a premier luxury transitional sober living for women located in the country estates of Northridge in Los Angeles, California.  We at Step in the Direction really pride ourselves on empowering women to look passionately and to fulfill their dreams, and one of the components of that program is what I do.  I am a Career Consultant with 20 years of experience and I love doing this work with A Step in the Right Direction.

    I got sober at A Step in the Right Direction when no one thought I could, and so I firmly believe in this program with all my heart, and this is where I give back.  I really empower women to dig in and create a vision for their lives in recovery, and from that vision to look at their entire lives and then the kind of work that they want to do.  No more is the day where you get sober and go to sleep.

    We wanna live fully and passionately in our recovery today, so I draw out a vision for their life and the work that they’re doing, recognizing that they have a purpose in life, and discovering that purpose in life and applying it to their work is really my mission.  We develop a short-term and long-term plan backing track to that vision and then include in that a professional resume and job search services which I do personally, and we have an incredibly high success rate at A Step in the Right Direction, one that we’re very proud of.

    So if you or a loved one are seeking help in your recovery and you can’t seem to stay sober, please call us at A Step in the Right Direction and Linda or I will help you, and within that, please look forward to be inspired in your life again and finding your dreams.”

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