Annual Report: A review of 2018-2019

Annual Report: A review of 2018-2019

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    Annual Report: A review of 2018-2019

    As we continue to wrap our arms around the ladies who entrust their care to us, we send love and light to those who still suffer from the devastating effects of addiction nationwide. We have always been committed to breaking down barriers to care. This year, we’re initiating new insurance contracts to help more families access our services and continuing our Wellbriety Certification to work with the Native American population. We’ve also focused on building relationships with those who create positive change in our community, such as Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley and other legislators.

    Most importantly, we continue the legacy of our Founders who believed in giving women an opportunity to recover with dignity and grace — something we ethically continue to do after 42 years. Many families looking for addiction treatment rely on Google and other online networks to find services. This year, we underwent a vetting process to become LegitScript certified, earning the privilege of advertising online as a treatment center. In addition, we are participating in a pilot program through the Addiction Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)’s Level of Care Certification (delivered in partnership with CARF International) to ensure our delivery of evidence-based services.

    Overall, we continue to be fully committed to accreditation, licensure, and transparency. Inside this Annual Report, you’ll have access to our Outcomes Measurements and Financials. I’m always open to any questions or suggestions that will strengthen our organization to help more women and families, and I encourage you to follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop!

    Read the full Annual Report or the full versions of the stories on our Foundation Corner.

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