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A Brief Overview of the NDFW Drug Rehab Programs

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drug rehab programs
drug rehab programs

New Directions for Women takes a somewhat unique approach to our drug rehab programs. We’re best known as a holistic drug rehab center, which means we believe in treating addiction on every level — physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual.

This means some of our treatments can be unusual. At the same time, the NDFW rehab approach is grounded in many traditional treatments. For example, the core of our program is the Twelve Steps made famous by Alcoholics Anonymous.

We find it is a powerful part of drug rehab programs in addition to the alcohol rehab for which it is best known. We also include group and individual therapies as well as many other aspects relating to our being a womens-only rehab facility. Indeed, womens-only rehab is, we believe, one of the key reasons we’re able to be so successful.

Why womens-only?

Briefly, New Directions was founded because our founders saw no good options for women facing addiction several decades ago.

In the time since, we’ve come to realize that many of the addiction treatment options oriented at the general population simply don’t deliver effective results for women with a chemical dependency.

Women in many cases have different issues from men, need different treatment, and can be significantly disadvantaged by trying to recover in a mixed-gender environment.

Therefore, the womens-only aspect of NDFW gives us a significant advantage in trying to help our women.

The services we offer

As a non-profit facility we are focused entirely on delivering the best possible drug rehab programs to the patients that come through our doors. To do this we’ve developed a surprisingly broad array of programs for women with substance use disorder, and we’re equipped to handle many of the co-concurring disorders common in women with addictions — trauma, family dysfunction, mental health issues, and sex addictions are all things which we can and do regularly treat.

At the same time we use unconventional treatments like rock climbing to help treat addiction on levels which are commonly missed by more traditional therapies. (Which is not to say we neglect traditional therapies.)

By doing this we help assure long-lasting and effective treatment with much lower chances of a relapse. We treat the root causes of the problem, instead of just the symptoms.

Treatment for women with children

One of the most important, and most overlooked aspects of addiction treatment for women is the question of children. Fear of losing her children is the #1 most common reason that women with children avoid treatment, and so we consider it crucial to emphasize that we will help her children, and help her stay in contact with them during treatment.

At the same time we believe that addiction is often a family disease, so we’re equipped to help treat her children and help them deal with the effects of their mother’s addiction as well. For example, prenatal exposure to alcohol is known to cause a wide spectrum of issues which we look for and, if present, can help treat.

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