13 Super Fun Things to Do in Recovery You May Not Have Thought Of Yet

13 Super Fun Things to Do in Recovery You May Not Have Thought Of Yet

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    Redefining Fun in Recovery

    13 Super Fun Things to Do in Recovery You May Not Have Thought Of Yet

    One of the most common fears among women who embark on their sobriety journey is boredom. After living in the fast lane for years in a drug or alcohol-fueled haze, life takes on a different meaning. The days of living on the edge are in the past. What lies ahead is uncertain and unfamiliar. And, well, the present moment can feel dull and downright intolerable sometimes.

    This is why it is important for sober women to redefine fun and gain a new understanding of what constitutes a good time. Living with a substance use disorder involves constant chaos and unmanageability. The dangerous lifestyle of addiction can masquerade as an exciting adventure. In contrast; sobriety may seem slow, boring, and monotonous at times.

    For this reason, you simply must keep things interesting. When you get into recovery, lost dreams awaken and new possibilities arise. There are quite literally an endless number of opportunities available to you so you can live your best life without drugs and alcohol.

    Here are 13 super fun things to do in recovery you may not have thought of yet:

    # 1 Road Trip for the Girls

    When you get into recovery at New Directions for Women, you establish a healthy support system of super fun sober women. Hitting the road and taking a trip with the gals can be just the boost you’ve been looking for. You will laugh, share, and connect with one another – all while taking in a change of scenery. Plan to take a three-day weekend and check out a nearby town. Share the expenses to save a few bucks and let your hair down!

    # 2 Skydiving

    Seriously. Why not grab a group of recovery friends and just do it? For some, the very thought of skydiving will be downright terrifying. Others will find the idea to be exhilarating. In either case, this is definitely an experience you will never forget. If you’re in need of an adrenaline rush, this is definitely one way to do it.

    # 3 Play Games at an Adult Arcade

    Video games aren’t just for kids. When is the last time you got in touch with your inner child at a local arcade?

    Shoot some mini basketball hoops. Play a game of pool. Ride a simulation motorcycle. Adult arcades promise hours of fun for you and a friend. Also, think sober date night!

    # 4 Coddiwomple off the Beaten Path

    Here is your new word for the week: coddiwomple. It means to “travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.”

    When you coddiwomple, you open yourself to an exciting voyage to a place you have never been. So, hop in your car and head West. See where the road takes you. Chances are, you will eventually happen upon some quaint little town with a delicious mom and pop restaurant and a sweet boutique for some retail therapy. Stay at a local bed and breakfast.

    # 5 Go to Sober Dances

    When you join a fellowship like Alcoholics Anonymous, you will find that your area hosts a number of different sober events. These include dances. Many people in recovery will admit that they have never danced sober. If this is you, it’s time to change that. Get on that dancefloor and shake your tailfeather!

    # 6 Plant Yourself Some Flowers

    Gardening is a different kind of fun. It allows you to connect with nature and grow something beautiful. So what if you don’t have a green thumb? Go to a local nursery and talk to a botanist. Ask how you can plant and grow yourself some flowers. Keep it simple. Gardening can be very gratifying, and part of your spiritual practice. Give it a try.

    # 7 Get Dolled Up and Go to the Theatre

    There is a live theatre near you putting on productions of Shakespearian plays, whimsical musicals, and improv comedy sketches. Find it. Make reservations for you and a sober gal friend. Make a night of it. Get dressed up and go to a swanky restaurant. Follow with a night at the theatre. This will be way more fun than you can imagine.

    # 8 Attend An Art Exhibit

    Most communities have an incredible community of local artists. Believe it or not, there is always something happening nearby that support the arts. Go to a local gallery, museum, exhibit, or festival. Get lost in the brilliant colors, textures, and shapes on display. Stand quietly in the presence of a breathtaking work of art. It is quite awe-inspiring.

    # 9 Attend a Drumming Circle

    This might sound like a weird one to you, but those who attend drumming circles say they are a very spiritual – and fun – experience. Surprisingly, these are not as obscure as you might think. They have become mainstream in recent years. They promote healing, mental and physical health, and a sense of wellbeing. Do a Google search for a nearby drumming circle event and make the commitment to attend.

    # 10 Enjoy a Spa Day

    Treat yourself to a day at your local day spa. Think mani-pedi, massage, facial, mud bath, steam room, and aromatherapy. Sounds like heaven, right? It also sounds expensive. But, it doesn’t have to be. Look for spa packages, rather than getting services by the hour. You can find great deals that will allow you to indulge yourself without breaking the bank.

    # 11 Attend a Zumba Class

    Ever tried Zumba? This low-impact form of dance-style aerobics is not only fun, it is good for your overall wellbeing. A Zumba class is a great place to work up a sweat and also meet some new friends. These classes may be offered at your gym or free through your cities Parks & Recreation Department. If you can’t find one locally, you check out Zumba on YouTube.

    # 12 Volunteer for a Worthy Cause

    Ultimately, recovery is about service to others. This comes in many forms. Volunteering your time to help those in need can be a fun and fulfilling activity.

    You could volunteer to walk dogs at an animal shelter. You might be interested in working with the homeless. Or, maybe you will make a commitment to carry the message of recovery into hospitals and institutions. Be sure to choose a cause that is near and dear to your heart.

    # 13 Get Involved in Your Alumnae Group

    At New Directions for Women, we have a very active alumnae group that consists of women who have completed our substance use disorder treatment program. These sober women are learning how to live and enjoy life without the use of drugs.

    Our alumnae group has regular meetings and hosts events to keep graduates engaged in the recovery process. If you went to a rehabilitation facility other than NDFW, see if your rehab offers such a program. If not, start one!

    If you did not go to rehab, or an alumnae group is not possible, go to Meetup and search for sober local groups near you. It is amazing what kind of sober meetups you will find. People in recovery all over the country are having lots of fun in sobriety. There are exercise and yoga groups, book clubs, hobby groups….. you name it!

    Recovery is Your Responsibility

    In recovery, we finally experience some serenity in our lives. Some calm. A little piece of peace. At first, this will feel abnormal and unwelcomed. But, we encourage you to continue to work your program in AA, Narcotics Anonymous, or some other 12-Step fellowship.

    When you do this, life takes on a different meaning. You will learn to fully appreciate the tranquility and peace of mind you experience when you stay sober. You will make new friends, go on new adventures, and have lots of fun. REAL fun – not the chemically induced, fleeting, expensive, deadly addiction kind. In 2020, get out there and have a good time in recovery. You have earned it!

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