12 Step Rehab Program for Pregnant Women

12 Step Rehab Program for Pregnant Women

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    12 Step Rehab Program for Pregnant Women

    Being pregnant and addicted is a scary thing for any woman to face, however she can find solace in knowing that a 12 step rehab program for pregnant women could be the answer she has been looking for.

    These days more and more women are filling the statistics of addiction. In fact, of the more than 20 million individuals addicted to drugs in the United States, nearly half of them are women. If those facts weren’t staggering enough, add in the fact that thousands of those women are pregnant!

    Addictions affect babies even more than they affect mothers. Drugs, whether cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, prescription pills or one of the other commonly abused substances, can do a number on the life of a woman, causing problems that range from health issues to problems in the home. Think of a small, yet formed baby who depends on mom to grow healthy and strong being faced with these drugs. Babies whose mothers use drugs during pregnancy face severe problems that can range from birth defects to learning disabilities and developmental delays.

    Rehab programs are well aware of the dangers of drugs on both the mother and baby.  They understand how hard it can be to end the addiction as well. They aim to end the addiction and save the life of both people while they do and take every possible step in making this happen. Services provided inside of a 12 step rehab program range from detox to counseling, all aimed at helping the mother stop abusing drugs and start living the life she was meant to live- as a mother. At New Directions for Women, while mom learns to live her life without drugs she will also learn many skills that she can take with her on her life of motherhood. New Directions for Women accepts mothers in all trimesters of their pregnancy, because stopping at any point in the pregnancy is better than not stopping at all. We also offer residential treatment for moms with their children, so a patient’s new sober baby can join her after birth as they continue this recovery journey together.

    New Directions for Women does not judge a woman based on her addiction. Our caring staff will not scold, belittle, or shame her. Rather, we extend our hand and offer her the hope, strength and encouragement that she needs at this most difficult time in her life.

    Attending a 12 step rehab program for pregnant women is a decision that should be made as quickly as possible. There is another life to think of now, and a program of this nature will ensure that a new life is possible for you and your newborn. If you are seeking help today, call New Directions for Women at 800-939-6636.


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