Women’s Treatment Center is a term used when referring to a place where women go to recover from drugs and alcohol, and perhaps co-occurring mental health issues. New Directions for Women is a women’s treatment center that was founded over 40 years ago. One reason for our decades of success in healing women from addiction is that we understand how to treat alcoholism and drug addiction in women of all ages. Our commitment to our staff and our staff’s commitment to our patients separates us from other treatment centers. It is a known fact that when a woman is caught in the grips of active alcoholism or addiction it will affect her body differently than a man. We understand those differences and we address them in all age groups for women. Our ability to treat a young adult woman, as young as 18, or a mature woman in her 80s is something that we are proud of. Creating a community where women learn from each other and can experience a life in recovery is one of the most beautiful things to watch.

Fetal alcohol syndrome often accompanies babies that are born to alcoholic women. New Directions for Women welcomes women that are pregnant in any trimester. Women can stay throughout their birth, and then come back to NDFW with their newborn child and integrate right back into treatment services. The child would go into our on-site Daycare and be cared for by our Daycare Coordinator. Our levels of care include detoxification for a pregnant woman as well as a woman of any age.

Our residential addiction treatment services have transformed and improved with the times, and offers the opportunity for women to build their sober sisterhood and recovery community with other women going through this process, but also evidence based addiction treatment modalities including Seeking Safety, Equine Therapy, CBT, and traditional therapeutic sessions. Our women have a team of clinicians to help guide them through the recovery process. Each woman is unique and therefore an individualized treatment plan is created for her when she enters the doors of New Directions for Women, which is looked at and changes along the way, as each woman continues to heal. New Directions offers a Continuum of Care from detoxification through intensive outpatient and intensive sober living. We have had women stay with us a year or more, however the recommended length of stay is at least 90 days. Each woman is assessed and will enter the level of care that best meets their needs, based on the severity of their substance use disorder. New Directions for Women is in-network with many major insurances.

Our alumnae program is very solid, as we have healed over 5,000 women since the founding of our women’s treatment center in 1977. We have weekly meetings and monthly get-togethers. Our alumnae are all over the world (of course, with a concentration in Southern California), and we are proud that alumnae come back to NDFW to mentor current residents, and share their experience, strength, and hope. Our Alumnae Coordinator stays in touch with each woman after they complete the treatment program for two years, doing surveys and providing support.

We also address family issues, and incorporate husbands, parents, siblings, and children into the treatment process. We believe that the disease of addiction affects the whole family and therefore we have a whole family approach. In addition to our weekly Family Group, family group sessions are held with each resident’s therapist to lead to sustained sobriety over a lifetime within a family system.

If you or a loved one would like to learn more about how to enter a woman’s Treatment Center please call us now. Our caring Admissions Counselors and Care Coordinators are available 24/7, and we look forward to helping you or your loved one find recovery.