best womens drug rehab

New Directions for Women believes in providing exceptional treatment options in order to meet the unique needs of both our women and their families as they journey out of chemical dependency.

We don’t simply stop at ordinary treatments, either: we treat the physical, spiritual, and emotional levels, using a custom-tailored and holistic approach. Through addressing the needs of each aspect of patients’ lives, we are able to facilitate a uniquely effective journey in recovery — one that encourages and assists them to rejoin their community as whole and healthy women and families. It’s thanks to this multi-faceted and customized approach that we believe we offer one of the best women’s drug rehab options available anywhere.

Our main program is our Residential Program, which provides different levels of care from the initial Primary Phase to the Extended Phase.

The Primary Phase is extremely structured, using intensive therapy on the individual, group, and family level. Each woman’s treatment plan is created by working with a Certified Addiction Counselor or Masters Level Primary Therapist.

Then, after the Primary Phase, women move to the Transitional Phase — at this point they can practice recovery in school, while volunteering, or at work while returning to the safety of the NDFW recovery community in the evenings. Finally, our women move to the Extended Care Phase, where they have earned a great deal of independence but continue to receive counseling on an individual, group, and family level.

How Our Drug Rehab Works

Our detox and rehabilitation programs are grounded in the “12 steps” of Alcoholics Anonymous, yet we do not limit ourselves to just the 12 steps. As a women’s only facility, we focus on the specific needs of women recovering from chemical dependency. To us, this means a culturally relevant, holistic, and gender separate approach.

We do this because it’s our experience that women with substance use disorder have unique needs that must be met in unique ways. Chemical dependencies in women are usually linked with co-occurring disorders such as family dysfunction, trauma, mental health issues, or sex addiction. Our approach also allows us to address and treat those disorders.

Our range of services is surprising to many patients. Besides traditional individual and group therapies, we offer holistic and experiential therapies such as equine therapy (working with horses), rock climbing, art therapy, meditation, and much more. Since we believe in treating addiction as a family disease, we also offer full family and children’s services.

The core of our program is individual and group therapies. As part of this, patients have interactive daily process group sessions with their primary therapist and peers. In these groups they can address the issues they have and gain new habits for functioning in life. Patients also have individual therapeutic sessions as well as psycho-educational groups where they learn new techniques for relapse prevention, communication, grief and anger management, as well as life skills.

Patients also practice meditation on a daily basis, go to 12 steps groups, have gardening sessions, attend yoga classes, and much more. For patients where trauma is partly causing their addiction, their primary therapist helps them explore their past trauma. We also have a Concurrent Medical Issue Program to help patients dealing with other medical issues, including access to state-of-the-art facilities.

Women’s drug rehab really does work.

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