Kelli Easley, Treatment Liaison

Kelli Easley

Kelli has been in the addiction treatment field for 19 years. She started as a driver and worked her way up into being a house manager, Family Program coordinator, managing detox programs, and finally found her lasting passion in admissions and marketing.

Kelli loves connecting with others in the field because she truly believes no single program can serve every patient. The more people and programs we know through networking, the better our referrals will become so we can help individuals who are struggling get to the right place for their specific situation.

As Kelli says, “I remember walking onto the campus during a tour while I was working with a different program. We walked by the playground and the kids were out there, playing and laughing. Tears came to my eyes because you can feel how special it is. It felt like the most healing place I’ve ever been to. The second time I went on campus, I had the same reaction. My eyes immediately welled up. It felt like coming home. It feels like New Directions for Women is my forever place.”

Kelli’s role includes building relationships to connect the work of New Directions for Women with other aligned facilities and practitioners, especially in the Los Angeles community. Kelli is especially passionate about women’s specific addiction treatment because of her own journey.

“It’s really important that everybody out there gets educated on what facilities can help women and their trauma. Women are the caretakers of the family. And therefore, we’re oftentimes the last to get help. We keep going and take care of everyone else until the wheels fall off. When it’s finally our turn to heal because we’ve hit our bottom, we have no idea where to go because we don’t want to be around men as we talk about and heal from our traumas. It’s so important for women to have a place to recover for addiction with other women, and for the entire family to heal in a shame free way.”

Kelli holds a certificate in Family Development and is currently working towards a degree in Business Administration. Kelli has an amazing relationship with her husband of fifteen years and is a loving mother to her two sons. In her free time, Kelli is active in the recovery community and enjoys time at the beach and hiking the hills of Southern California.

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny” – C.S. Lewis