Fatima Abuzaineh, Chef

Fatima Abuzaineh

Chef Fatima received her training and certification at Laguna Culinary Arts in Laguna Beach in classic French cuisine. After working as a private chef for many years, she “fell into” the behavioral healthcare field, first working for a psychiatric treatment center and then a program focusing on drug and alcohol treatment. Fatima loves this setting because it’s purposeful work that allows her to interact one-on-one with the patients and nurture them through food during their healing journey.

Weekly, Fatima prepares a large meal for the Thursday night alumnae meeting, during which dozens of alumnae return to campus to break bread with current patients and share their experience, strength, and hope. Fatima does an excellent job accommodating special diets (vegan, gluten-free, and all food allergies), and provides each woman and child nurturing meals cooked with love and heart.

Fatima’s message to anyone looking for a different way of life, is that “You have the power to change your life. Treatment is the greatest gift you can give yourself or someone you love. There is a whole new life filled with empowerment and self-worth waiting for you.”