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Selfie Generation Using Crystal Meth

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Selfie Generation Using Crystal MethThe use of addictive drugs like crystal meth is increasing in Germany amongst the millennial generation. An article in World Crunch is highlighting the use of the drug and tells the stories of young men who report feelings of superhuman strength. Others report self-medicating to curb feelings of anxiety. One of the men profiled tells his story of how he began using crystal meth when he was just 11 years old.

Germany is finding an increasing number of millennial youth addicted to methamphetamines and this can be attributed to its production in the Czech Republic. German states like Bavaria and Saxony are listed as having high concentrations of the drug. Officials report that, “The number of offenses committed in Saxony due to crystal meth has tripled some 5,000 since 2009.”

Anti-drug squads in Prague estimate that the country produces 10 tons of methamphetamines per year. Three tons of the 10 are estimated to end up in Germany. Officials believe that the number of meth labs in the Czech Republic are in the hundreds.

So what does this mean? The population is Germany is suffering from an epidemic of meth addiction in higher numbers than ever before. A clinician from an unnamed residential treatment facility for chemical dependency said that it is common for children to try meth around the age of 13 or 14.

In Saxony alone more than 2,400 people between the ages of 13 and 35 were detoxed from crystal meth. The state recognizes that the state’s population needs help. In collaboration with Czech police, the state has established a 10 point plan to provide prevention efforts and education about the drug.

According to the article, many millennials say that crystal meth is their gateway drug. Dr. Frank Härtel, retired doctor of a detox clinic, said that,

“The brain becomes worm-eaten. Many patients take other drugs parallel to crystal meth like Valium, opiates, cannabis or Ecstasy, to get higher or come down.”

The doctor believes that legalization of drugs in Germany would not be beneficial. Härtel said,

“There is no sense of responsibility among young people who consume crystal meth. These people are addicts, and they need help.”

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