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New Directions Visits the East Coast

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New Directions Visits the East Coast
Becky Flood (NDFW Executive Director and CEO), Edward Diehl (President of Seabrook House), Charles Dorsey (NDFW Public Relations Specialist) touring Seabrook House

Even with all the joy and business of the holidays, New Directions for Women still found a way to take advantage of the opportunity to improve the quality of care for the women we serve. Becky Flood (New Directions for Women CEO and Executive Director), Tania Bhattacharyya (Major Gift Director), and Charles Dorsey (Public Relations Specialist) took a trip to visit Father Martin’s Ashley in Maryland and Seabrook House in New Jersey, while traveling through the East Coast.

We toured the picturesque 85 bed facility; Father Martin’s Ashley. We took note of how they manage a rotation of treatment involving concentrated therapy, regular 12-step groups, rolling lectures, recovery education, in-house detox, and co-occurring diagnoses. We were able to view the beautiful inter-faith chapel that teaches spirituality and supports connecting with a high power. These experiences are encompassed in a 28 day model of treatment, after which patients are sent and referred to an extended care facility.

New Directions for Women continues to rise to the top of the list of extended care facilities that are available as a competent referral option for primary care facilities. We were intrigued and appreciative for the tour of Father Martin’s Ashley. We thoroughly enjoyed the scenery as Father Martin’s Ashley sits on an edge of land that overlooks Chesapeake Bay. What a wonderful time it was to connect. What a beautiful place for rehab and recovery.
We then traveled to tour Becky Flood’s old “stomping ground,” Seabrook House. We walked into the receptionist area greeted with warm welcoming hugs, and we were able to see pictures of Becky, about 25 years earlier, as a young leader at Seabrook House.

Typically treatment centers assign the task of touring to a staff member or an employee. But we were fortunate enough to be given a tour by Becky Flood herself. She gave us a tour of the 109-bed coed facility that sits on 40-acres of land. Seabrook House offers a 4-5 week model for treatment which includes gender-specific relationship building, equine therapy, ropes courses, and music therapy. Though we were only able to tour one facility, Seabrook actually encompasses two, with the other 14 acre facility being reserved for transition living and being located in Tioga County, Central Pennsylvania.

Tania and Charles were also permitted the opportunity to offer insight about New Directions for Women to those who were new to their treatment team. New Directions for Women’s relationship with Seabrook House extends far beyond a source of referrals. It is a second home, a sister treatment center, and a very close companion in the effort to create a sober world. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour led by Becky. It was a demonstration of why she continues to be the passionate leader at New Directions for Women.

Becky, Tania, and Charles also paid a visit to our treatment friends at PACE in Wilmington Delaware. This is just our way of trying to stay connected and maintain positive relationships with partners in the treatment field.

If you want to connect with New Directions for Women or know of a woman and family who can benefit from treatment Call us 800-939-6636 or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn.

Enjoy the pictures from the Trip!

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