How We Do Orange County Drug Rehab…

Orange County rehab Clients looking for rehabs in Orange County are often surprised at just how multifaceted our approach to addiction treatment really is.

Of course it’s true that we’re a women’s only drug rehab orange county, 12-steps-based approach with an extremely qualified Treatment Team (our Licensed Therapists are all Masters level, and our Addiction Counselors are fully certified). However, It is our passion for providing individualized and comprehensive rehab that  sets us apart.
For example, along with counseling, it’s normal for patients who go through our approach to receive — therapies that include yoga, physical exercise, psychodrama, gardening, art, and experiential therapies (including equine therapies).

The reason has much to do with our 33 years of Orange County rehab experience treating women. We’ve learned that successfully addressing chemical dependency requires addressing needs of the mind, body, and spirit.


The backbone of the program is both group and individual therapy.

Interactive daily groups featuring both the client’s primary therapist as well as her peers give her a chance to address issues as well as learn new ways to live and function.

In addition to process groups and individual therapy sessions, we also offer our clients more specialized psycho-educational groups like life skills workshops, anger management, communication, and relapse prevention not always associated with other rehabs in Orange County.

Children’s Services

At New Directions for Women we realize it’s important to meet the needs of clients’ children as well. This is not just because prenatal alcohol exposure can trigger numerous disorders (including fetal alcohol syndrome). We also believe it’s important to include individual, family, and play therapy to address the needs of children who have been living under the shadow of substance abuse disorder.

Experiential Therapies

Yes, we do believe rock climbing can be a powerful part of effective rehab. Our program includes a broad variety of different opportunities — not just rock climbing, but also equine therapy, hiking, and more to provide an experiential avenue into growth and healing as well as challenge clients’ personal limits.

In equine therapy, for example, clients groom, lead, and guide their horse through different obstacles. To many people, working with a horse elicits a spectrum of reactions — some look at it with joy, others with fear.

We review and discuss these reactions, and give patients a newer, different forum with which they can connect with their inner feelings. It’s a process which lets patients become even more aware of their own communication skills, as well as helping them improve them.

Spirituality, Meditation, and Exercise

Patients at New Directions attend daily yoga and meditation classes, as well as 12-step groups (including weekly time with their sponsors and assistance) and gardening sessions.

All these serve to help clients connect and explore their own Higher Power.

Physical fitness is equally important to everyone’s overall health. Our patients can engage in many different kinds of exercise, including weekly workouts with on-campus personal trainers as well as bicycling and walking in the nearby Newport Back Bay nature reserve. rehabs in Orange County

Adding to all this are low-cost on-site massages offered to our clients as well as the “extracurricular amenities” — we work with area day spas and local salons to provide haircuts, facials, and massages at ancillary cost.

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