Good times at the Southworth and Associates Christmas Party

My son Sam and Ed Diehl, president of Seabrook House. We are family!

Last weekend, my son Sam and I flew to Boise, Idaho, along with many other esteemed professionals in the field of addiction treatment, for the annual Southworth and Associates Christmas Party.

It was so wonderful to be with our work family during this holy holiday season. Addiction counselors, therapists, interventionists, and other addiction treatment professionals encourage their patients to stay together and grow their support network. This is a prime example of the working field practicing what we preach. I wish peace, happiness, and prosperity to all, during this blessed season.

-Becky Flood

A group shot with representatives from Promises, Seabrook House, PineGrove Behavioral Health, and other world renowned treatment centers that continue to heal the addict that still suffers. What a blessing to be able to gather together each year and see old friends!
Sherry with Elements, myself, and Judy with CRC Health in the lobby
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