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Addiction Treatment Rehab for Your Daughter

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Finding Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Rehab for Your DaughterIf you’re a parent looking for an addiction treatment program for your daughter, you may be operating out of a “crisis mode”, running off of stress and emotion. This is a very uncertain and scary time, and the needs of you and your daughter are immediate. The biggest concern in finding treatment for your daughter, is ensuring you find somewhere that is safe, comfortable and has a good care from an addiction recovery center with an excellent reputation for helping patients who need an addiction recovery center.

Only 10 percent of the estimated 15.8 million women who need treatment receive it, according to National Institute of Drug Abuse. When they do, it often isn’t targeted to their specific needs as a woman. The fact is that women have different triggers than men for drug and alcohol use and your daughter’s specific physical, emotional, and spiritual needs may not be addressed in all treatment programs, which may fail to integrate two key ingredients: incorporating the entire family (including children) and gender-specific services.

Rehab Treatment for Women with Addiction

If someone is s treatment suffering from substance misuse problems, addiction treatment and recovery center is necessary to help them recover in a safe, comfortable environment with professional staff there to support them. The severity of use and what type of substance is being used will determine the best treatment option for your daughter. Typically, someone going through treatment will need to detox, or clear the substance from their body, before coming to treatment.

More severe situations will require that the individual go to a residential or inpatient treatment program. A more moderate version of care would be partial hospitalization with the lowest level being an outpatient program.

Symptoms of Addiction

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol will display different signs and symptoms that show they are misusing and may need addiction treatment. Some of these symptoms can include:

  • Needing the substance regularly and ensuring you always have a supply
  • Failed attempts to stop using the substance
  • Over time needing more and more of the drug to feel the same effects
  • Engaging in risky activities such as stealing in order to obtain the drug
  • Intense cravings and urges to use the drug
  • Continuing to use the drug in spite of the negative consequences

Key Elements of Addiction Treatment

As a parent, we know you are wondering how to go about finding reputable, accredited, and caring treatment options for your daughter and finding a safe place where she can heal and begin her life-long journey of recovery.

Types of Addiction Treatment

In order to be successful in addiction treatment, a person needs comprehensive care from an addiction recovery center that has all the necessary components to meet the person’s needs. There are different phases included in recovery rehab and once detoxification and withdrawal are completed, the person can move on to more therapeutic measures in their recovery rehab.

The following are different types of addiction rehab treatment:


The phase of treatment where an individual discontinues using a substance in order to clear it out of their body, often causing withdrawal symptoms.

Intensive Outpatient Care

Ideal for someone who does not require 24-7 or day to day care and needs to remain living at home. They still have the opportunity to receive therapy a few days a week for 3-4 hours a day.

Partial Hospitalization

Treatment that offers someone an intensive structure of a day-long program but does not offer around-the-clock care. Most PHP’s take place five days a week for approximately 6 hours per day.

Inpatient or Residential Care

Typically, one of the most successful forms of treatment, where a patient lives on campus and receives 24-7 care from a team of treatment professionals. A patient is able to remove themselves from the temptations and stresses of everyday life and receive the appropriate care to recover from addiction.

Sober Living Facilities

A safe place for someone to leave upon leaving treatment and transitioning into the “real world.” These environments serve as a safe place for someone to work towards being able to resist the temptations of everyday life.

Support Groups

It’s important to continue therapy after treatment is completed with regular counseling and support groups. This allows the person to work through their emotions around becoming sober and get support from people going through the same thing. The most common addiction support groups are AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous).

Questions to Ask for the Addiction Recovery Center

Finding a treatment center for your daughter with addiction is a big decision and there are things that need to be asked to determine that It’s the best fit for her. We believe there are a few key elements that you should look for:

Is the program gender specific?

This provides a much more conducive environment to healing. Our three visionary founders intuitively felt and knew that when women healed with other women, it led to longer lasting successful outcomes. In many cases of addiction in females, emotional triggers or traumatic causes lie at the root. By having a women-only environment in which to recover, our patients are not exposed to stimuli that might set off past traumas — like a “friendly” hug from a man that nevertheless triggers memories of abuse. Pregnancy, menopause, and other women’s issues can also be freely discussed here, including in group sessions, without a woman having to also overcome their natural reluctance to talk about these things in the company of men.

Does the program offer holistic services?

We believe in a holistic way of doing drug rehab for women. This means offering services like experiential therapies, yoga, mindfulness meditation, acupuncture, aquatic therapy, gardening, physical exercise, psychodrama, art, and much more besides the traditional programs like individual and group therapies.

Does the program offer services for mothers or pregnant women?

It is imperative for both the mother and child to get well together – when mom heals, her child heals and the future generations of your family heal. There may be treatment centers that try to convince you that having children (your grandchildren) come to treatment with your daughter can be a distraction. While everyone is different, in our forty years of experience of working with women, we have found that not being able to have your children on-site with them is one of the most common reasons that women leave treatment early – to rejoin their kids. Children deserve a chance to heal alongside their mothers, and learn age-appropriate ways to take care of themselves and learn that their mother’s addiction is not their fault – they didn’t cause it and they can’t control it. If your daughter is pregnant, it is vital they go to a treatment center that can accommodate pregnant women during their entire pregnancy as well as newborn children so she does not have to find another place to go upon giving birth.

Does the program offer alumnae and family services?

Addiction is a family disease and it is imperative that everyone in the family is present in their loved ones recovery process. We offer weekly Family Group sessions and conjunct family therapy sessions as well. As a caring parent, you will be participatory in your daughter’s treatment process. In addition, addiction is a chronic, lifelong disease that your loved one will be managing for the rest of their lives. Their lifelong recovery journey starts at their treatment program. It is our belief that sobriety and recovery flourishes when others connect with their fellow sobriety sisters and plant their roots firmly in a strong foundation.

Is the program accredited and certified?

It is important that the treatment center that you send your daughter to is licensed and accredited. We are accredited by ‘CARF’ which stands for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

New Directions for Women is committed to providing exceptional treatment services that meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each woman and her family that are suffering from the disease of substance use disorder. Therefore, we tailor each treatment plan to the individual woman and her family being treated and emphasize responsible recovery for long-term sobriety. By addressing the holistic needs of every aspect of our patients’ lives, including, spiritual, emotional, physical, social and intellectual, we facilitate their journey in recovery, encouraging them to rejoin their communities as healthy, whole women and families.

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