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Detox Centers Orange County Are Just the Beginning

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detox centers orange county
detox centers orange county

When many people think about recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction, one of the many detox centers Orange County are often the first options to come to mind.

Many times insurance companies like to steer patients towards a detox-oriented facility because the length of stay is shorter.

However, while detox centers are a crucial first step in recovery, they don’t address the causes of the problem — they merely address the most immediate symptoms.

Full recovery facilities like New Directions for Women understand that detox must be followed by counseling and therapies to ensure lifelong recovery otherwise the whole effort might be for nothing.

What Happens In Detox?

Almost every form of recovery starts with some kind of detox, either at a dedicated medical detox center or at the Orange County drug rehab center detox facility.

The reason is, physically withdrawing from an addiction carries with it symptoms that should be medically managed — symptoms ranging from tremors or delirium to potentially painful and dangerous effects.

The detox center provides a number of medical interventions to help manage and cope with withdrawal symptoms.

Patients might be prescribed methadone, sedatives, or other drugs to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal as their body eliminates the toxins and copes with the new absence of an addictive substance. Then patients are safely and slowly tapered off the prescribed medications which may have fuelled their addiction.

There are rapid heavily drug-based detox processes that result in detox completion in under a day.  There are other professionals who tend to recommend a more natural approach which can vary in length depending on the severity addiction. These tend to be less traumatic and may take a few days to several weeks to completely detox.

Regardless of the approach, completing the detox stage is critical before the patient moves on to a full treatment program.

The reason is that the patient must be able to physically control their cravings and body before they can address the mental aspects of addiction. The use of a detox center is a highly effective tool for preparing patients to undergo full addiction treatment.

What Happens After Detox?

Once patients have completed the initial detox, assuming it’s necessary, they enter into the Primary Phase of treatment at New Directions for Women.

Here they are assigned a Certified Addiction Counselor or a Masters-Level Primary Therapist who will work with them to formulate a treatment plan that’s based on the unique needs of their particular situation.

Throughout the Primary Phase, they’re put through a highly structured, intensive therapeutic program involving individual, group, family, as well as educational counseling. They also experience gardening, art therapy, Psychodrama, spiritual, and experiential therapies.

Following the Primary Phase, they enter the Transitional Phase, where they have more autonomy but still engage with the services from the Primary Phase.

At this point they can start practicing the tools of recovery in the larger community. They’re encouraged to build up healthy relationships while working with their counselor or therapist to build an overall life plan.

Finally, they may move into the Extended Care Phase. This represents the lowest degree of residential care as each woman has earned her independence. At this point they continue receiving individual, family, as well as group counseling while practicing their recovery in their community.

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