Raising Funds for Addiction Treatment Scholarships for Women

We are so humbled by the success of our recent Circle of Life Breakfast fundraiser, which raised critical funds for the Pamela Wilder Scholarship Fund. We have transformed the lives of thousands of women and children since 1977, and this fundraiser and the investors who attended, will allow us to provide care to many more women this year.

This annual fundraiser and friendraiser, held at the Balboa Bay Resort, attracted over 300 philanthropists, medical and behavioral health professionals, alumnae, and community members to learn about the life changing work NDFW has done with women, pregnant women, and women with children seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County. This gathering not only raises money, but reduces the stigma still associated with addiction and mental health.

As we mentioned in our invitation to our guests: If it takes a village to raise a child, it certainly takes our entire community to transform the lives of the women and families who seek recovery at New Directions for Women. Research shows that women develop addictions more quickly than men do (a phenomenon known as telescoping), and it physically impacts them more intensely. Because of this, they need longer treatment stays. Being able to provide partial scholarships is so important, so that the women and children we serve can experience the miracle of recovery, by staying in treatment for the extent and duration of time they need to physically, emotionally, and spiritually get well.

Guests enjoyed meeting our incoming Executive Director Sue Bright in person, saying hello to Becky Flood who joined us as a Board Member for this event, and most importantly, getting an update on the life-changing work we’ve been blessed to take part in over the past year. Addiction is a disease that affects children just as much as it does their mothers. As we listened to our three courageous speakers share their journeys from addiction to family recovery, we were all filled with gratitude. Our investors’ contributions and support will help the next three families that suffer from the disease of substance use disorder, but will transform their lives with hard work, dedication, and the tools they will learn at New Directions. We serve women who need treatment and need to be with their children, but should not have to make the difficult choice between recovery and family.

The Orange County register recently profiled our Breakfast.

Please enjoy the following videos, which highlight our speakers as they share their stories.