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Brad Pitt and Miley Cyrus – Road to Sobriety

In today’s culture, we are constantly influenced by what we see and read on our phones. Each day, we come to our phones for research, gossip, social updates, and everything in between. Our generation craves this information and becomes enwrapped …

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Addiction is a disease – not a moral failing

Growing up, we’re painted a picture of good vs evil in every aspect of our lives. We always like to think ourselves somewhere on the better end of that spectrum, in some way resisting against all the darkness of the …

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Gillian Anderson opens up about struggle with Mental Health & Depression

This past weekend, Gillian Anderson, the American-British film, television and theatre actress, and writer shared her struggles with her mental health. We all know Gillian from the long-running and widely popular series The X-Files where she played ‘Dana Scully’ – …

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Ben Affleck on why he chose to go to rehab

Benjamin Geza “Ben” Affleck-Boldt, the American actor, filmmaker and Oscar-Winner penned an emotionally raw post on Facebook this week. He shared to his fans and the entire world at large that he recently completed rehab for alcohol addiction in the …

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Reflection on our OC Weekly Article – Have Faith in Her

As our yearlong celebration of providing addiction treatment services for forty years this year continues, we reflect on those who have supported us in our beginning stages as an organization– the ones who helped our mission and vision come to …

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Field applies knowledge around treating pregnant women to outpatient care

Please take a moment to enjoy Becky Flood’s newest blog about her recent experience participating in a Think Tank in Washington DC on best practices in treating pregnant and postpartum women. This Think Tank happened as a result of the …

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