Blessing Ceremony reveals Spirituality and Community

Blessing Ceremony reveals Spirituality and Community

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    Every year, New Directions for Women holds a Blessing Ceremony. This ceremony serves the purpose of acknowledging the spiritual aspects of recovery. It allows us to unite staff, volunteers, and patients, and also serves as an opportunity for each of us to thank our Higher Powers for past blessings, current graces, and future provisions.
    This year NDFW’s blessing ceremony was absolutely spectacular. It featured more variety than we are able to articulate. More than forty people visited the different parts of the NDFW campus offering blessings that united mind and body while moving the soul.
    This year’s participants included:

    • Christina Larsen (Reiki Master), who silently performed a Reiki Cleansing Ceremony
    • Nellie Smith from the World Divine Light Organization who blessed with clapping, bowing, and chanting using a Japanese Religious Ceremony to the Su-God
    • Rev. Faith Strong, NDFW Board Member, who blessed Faith House using poetry and positive affirmation
    • Cynthia Niermann, NDFW Volunteer and Drum Circle Facilitator, who blessed through religious and communal drum circle
    • Rev. Adelia Sandoval, from Song of the Earth Ministries, who blessed in song with Native American religious ritual.
    • As well as a series of Prayers from NDFW Staff:
      • Rev. Lynn Blanchard, Jen Layton, Ottis Johnson, Hope Lefebvre, who offered Christian prayer
      • Rae Sandoval who offered a Christian prayer and Reiki blessings in Spanish,
      • Abdul Parmach who offered a Muslim Blessing in the Arabic language
      • Ethan Hedayat (Yoga Trainer) who performed a Meditation
      • Rev. Charles Dorsey of Christ Our Redeemer African Methodist Episcopal Church, Irvine, CA who blessed us with a welcome song

    Many were moved to tears as we thought about how many lives have been positively affected by the work at New Directions for Women. We believe that our place is now blessed and cleansed until our next ceremony in August of 2012.

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