The Best Gift for Christmas is Treatment and the Gift of Sobriety

The Best Gift for Christmas is Treatment and the Gift of Sobriety

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    The Best Gift for Christmas is Treatment and the Gift of Sobriety

    “The holiday season, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s in the United States, is the most dangerous season of the year for those trying to maintain sobriety and anyone driving on the public highways. There are more alcohol-related traffic fatalities during the Holiday season than any other time during the year in the United States” (

    Its Christmas Time! It’s a time for family and fun. The Christmas trees are lit, ginger bread houses are built, and Santa Clause is prepared to deliver the best gifts of the season.

    Yet, for many, the holidays are a reminder that a family member is still suffering from the chronic, fatal disease of addiction. This holiday season, New Directions for Women encourages you to give the best gift of all: THE GIFT OF TREATMENT.

    There is no better gift for the family member that is suffering from addiction. They don’t need beautiful wrapped bottles of the best wine. They don’t need their favorite colored scarf. If you want to give your family member, mom, auntie, daughter, grandmother, or wife a gift this year, give them wellness. There is no greater gift than the option to choose recovery, choose health, and choose life.

    At New Directions for Women, we transform lives. We offer a loving and caring environment for women (and their families) to get well. This Christmas, call us for more information at 800-939-6636 or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn. The life of your loved one deserves this chance.

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