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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment Centers

Helping a Family Member During Drug Addiction Rehab If someone you know and love is considering, in, or just finishing a program at an Orange County rehab center, you yourself are probably also facing some challenges. As much of a relief …

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Why Residential Drug Treatment Is Better

Residential drug treatment facilities (also known as rehab or live-in health facilities) are usually considered the best, and often last, chance for many people who want to get rid of an addiction. They deliver intensive help to people who have …

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Do Women Need Different Rehabs in Orange County?

If you’re fortunate enough never to have encountered addiction in your life before, the idea of gender-specific rehab — in particular, dedicated womens-only rehab — is something you probably haven’t considered. Is it really necessary, or can you or your …

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Why Are Residential Treatment Centers More Effective?

Residential treatment centers like New Directions for Women are frequently considered the best (and sometimes the last) hope for patients who want to treat a substance use disorder. New Directions for Women’s treatment programs represent the most intensive form of …

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