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Four Part Souldrama Training by Connie Miller in Costa Mesa, CA

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Souldrama® was developed by Connie Miller, NCC, LPC, TEP, as a therapeutic tool created for use as an adjunct to psychodrama and designed to move clients from co-dependency to co-creativity.  Connie Miller travels all over the world, training practitioners on techniques of Souldrama. Join us for this four part series right here in Orange County, CA! We will be incorporating an experiential piece to the training, but this will be geared towards teaching practitioners how to facilitate Souldrama sessions with their own patients and clients.

In twelve-step programs, people heal partly through the telling and sharing of their own stories. It is through the sharing of the trauma and pain and the subsequent healing that people form common bonds that unite them.  These workshops  will begin to teach you how the new seven stage group  action  model of Souldrama® can be applied to the process of recovery.

These seminars will teach you effective ways to expand and enliven communication, learning, skill building and self- discovery in groups with those in recovery from chemical dependency.

Cost: $45 per workshop, or $140 for all 4 workshops.

Normally, a workshop like this would cost upwards of this, but we are proudly sponsoring this event in order to disseminate this helpful information to as many practitioners as possible.

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August 24, 2012

Learning Sociometry ” How Do You See Me?”

Action Methods for Steps 1-4

Participants will learn how to use action sociometry: to define a group issue build group cohesion and enhance communication discover the hidden and relationships within a group through experiential methods. Specific action warm ups to help focus on substance abuse related issues. This is a wonderful tool for a group leader as it visibly shows “who is in the group?” Leaders will learn how to look at the connections within a group-who is over chosen, who is never chosen and who gets scapegoated. Sociometry makes transference visible within a group and makes our choices visible. The action method of sociometry makes us responsible for our choices. Taking responsibility is a vital to a patient’s recovery.

November 9, 2012

Doubling” What’s Not Being Said”

Action Methods for Steps 5-8

We all want to be seen and to be heard and to belong. Doubling is an excellent way and a valuable tool to “read between the lines”. Doubling deepens the client’s feelings, express the unexpressed, helps validate their feelings and helps to change their perception. Facilitators will learn how to use doubling in action with each other. Through doubling, transference is eliminated toward the clinician. Doubling can be used to help an “over productive client” focus on their feelings without shame and how to help the silent client, to speak.

February 22, 2013 (Note – this has been changed from February 8th)

“Role Reversal”

Action Methods for Steps 9-11

Role Play is involved to explore challenging situations that arise on the path to sobriety and to practice skills necessary to prevent relapse. Participants will learn how to use the empty chair, role reversal and mirroring to enhance the growth of the clients.

April 19, 2013

“If God Were Among Us”

Step 12 Participants will learn how to help the client break through denial and accept their powerlessness, enhance their relationship with a Higher Power, and to break through denial and accept their powerlessness. Acceptance is the decision to turn his or her “life over to the care of God as we understood Him Acceptance is the threshold to self-examination.

Connie Miller and New Directions for Women will be issuing 7 CEU’s for each training (28 CEU’s total) which are accepted toward national credentialing by the National Board of Certified Counselors and the American Board of Examiners for Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama and Sociometry, CAADAC and CA Board of Behavioral Sciences. Please RSVP a week prior to each seminar. Call 949.313.1192 x 300 or email Tania Bhattacharyya at tania@newdirectionsforwomen.org if you have any questions.

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About New Directions for Women: New Directions for Women is a safe, caring and sensitive residential treatment facility for women, pregnant women, and women with their children, located in Orange County, CA. By providing exceptional, gender-separate and specific addiction treatment services that are grounded in 12-Step principles, New Directions assists women, families and their children to achieve sustained responsible recovery.

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