Sober Summer Activities in Orange County

Sober Summer Activities in Orange County

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    Sober Summer Activities in Orange County Summer is the time of barbecues, beach trips, and tropical getaways. It also means down-time for some women. Teachers and professors who are out on summer break, and a variety of other professions can feel a huge slump during the summer season. Mothers with school-age children may put them in summer camps which frees up time for them, as well. Bit by bit, harmful habits start forming or creeping back out of the woodwork, drug and alcohol use being no exception. New Directions for Women is an Orange County-based rehab for women, pregnant women, and women with children that focuses on helping women recover from alcoholism and drug addiction, and lead successful, meaningful lives beyond addiction. One of the most important aspects of a healthy, sober life is a commitment to a strong schedule and meaningful goals.

    Drug and alcohol rehab can be really helpful (and for some, essential) for a healthy transition into sobriety, not only because of the severe dangers of withdrawal symptoms if handled without a professional, but also because a drug and alcohol rehab can restore confidence and build invaluable life skills that help you maintain your independence from drugs and develop attainable goals through daily commitment. One of the most important aspects of drug and alcohol rehab at New Directions is maintaining your physical and mental health. We encourage and show our women how to build long-lasting health habits that will continue post rehab and in “real life”. Summer is the perfect time to get into a strong workout routine. The sunny days of summer are also the perfect opportunity to work on a tan and build flexibility and mental stillness through yoga. At New Directions, we offer yoga classes, pilates, self-defense groups, group exercise, and mindfulness meditation in our Spiritual Sunroom to help them heal physically and mentally.

    As a Costa Mesa-based drug and alcohol rehab, we also strongly advocate for our local community events, the biggest of which might be our very own Orange County Fair. We recommend going with a group, in part because it’s more fun, but also because there will be vendors who serve alcohol and a strong, like-minded sober friend is one of the best defenses. Some hidden treasures of the OC fair include fresh milk vendors in the far back of the farm area, tasty chips (thick cut potato chips with nacho sauce), and the shopping areas where you can find great deals on aromatherapy oils and organic jams and jellies.

    Costa Mesa is an ideal spot for a rehab for pregnant women and mothers because the OC is home to some of the most amazing educational hotspots in the world. Children can learn about biology, walk with wildlife, and learn about animals in their natural habitats. The Pacific Marine Mammal Reserve is an amazing place to learn more about the local sea life like sea lions and birds, their struggles, their adventures, and their place in the circle of life. It’s also a life-changing opportunity for many older children who want to volunteer and work with animals. Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and many other OC cities have a variety of other amazing ecological reserves and other opportunities to interact with life around us.

    Orange County is also the home of the Brea Art Gallery, among a plethora of other art galleries, museums, and cultural destinations. The Bowers Museum is also one of the prime destinations for learning bout different cultures, with upcoming shows featuring African art, Chinese terra cotta warriors, and medieval knights.

    Managing addiction is a fundamental part of your health and longevity, and is central to the well-being of your family. Recovery is a life-long journey, and you should always enjoy your travels. As we recover, we begin to realize just how much time drugs and alcohol have stolen from us, and it becomes ever more important to fill our free hours with activities that promote meaningful personal development, healthy habits, and an exploration of the world around us. We hope you’ll enjoy your summer by exploring the many fun Summer events that Orange County has to offer.

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