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Reflections on 2010 by Becky Flood

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Reflections on 2010 by Becky Flood
Becky Flood, Executive Director/CEO, New Directions for Women

2010 has brought many blessings and opportunities for thanksgiving mixed with life’s difficulties. As a drug and alcohol rehab for women, New Directions for Women continues to flourish in a number of ways. We are expanding our foundational trauma curriculum with Seeking Safety in 2011, and passed our second triennial CARF review with flying colors due to the combined efforts of our dedicated staff.

Our returning alumnae have graced us generously with their time, talent, and treasure. Our current MFT intern, an alumna of NDFW with five years of recovery, recently returned, wanting to give back to the place where she got sober. We had another woman who came through as a dependent child with her mother in 2002 return to mentor our children, bringing more experience, recovery and hope.

At the same time, cancer has plagued our organization and we’ve had to say our farewells to a number of people. We lost Dr. Rev. Maurice Wilson, who made a significant impact on clinical services over the past 6 years, along with Foundation Board Member Pauline Nelson. Each graced us with stellar examples of how to courageously and gracefully battle cancer, while simultaneously supporting the staff throughout their whole ordeals. Thankfully, our current Board Chair Sally Frei appears to be heading towards a full and complete recovery from her cancer diagnosis, after a number of pajama parties in the hospital with our staff.

Amongst all of that, four sober babies were born to women in our program, and we were able to serve 96 women and 15 dependent children in 2010. Maurice and Pauline’s spirits join the spirits of our three founders and other board members that have passed, adding to the peacefulness, calm, and serenity that visitors, families, and every patient feels here on this tranquil three acre campus. We know these guiding spirits will continue to help heal our women and sustain our staff as they do their lives work.

The holidays are when many people become keenly aware of how addiction is impacting either themselves or their loved ones. We’d like to leave you with this: Though New Directions only treats women, pregnant women, and women with children, we will do everything in our human power to assist anyone who suffers from this chronic, incurable and often fatal disease. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Never hesitate to pick up the phone, call 1-800-63-WOMEN and know that someone will assist you in helping yourself, or refer someone you care about to the appropriate place. There is no greater gift during this season of giving and peace than to offer help to someone that you know that may be in need.

– Rebecca Flood, Executive Director/CEO, New Directions for Women

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