New Directions for Women featured on A&E’s “Intervention”

Recently a patient (MaryAnne)  from New Directions for Women was featured on A&E’s emotionally moving and life changing show, “Intervention.”

We are proud to continue offering qaulity care for women, childern and their families. Because of our expertise in gender specific treatment and our unique ability to have a patient’s children live on our peaceful campus during treatment, New Directions is an excellent choice for women with children.

Mary Ann: I have been sober for 72 days now and I have a lot to smile about because I’m actually feeling like I’m living my life again.  I feel healthy, accomplished and happy.

Dawn, Primary Counselor: Since Maryanne’s been with us she’s made tremendous progress.  In the past MaryAnne would deal with her grief by isolating and drinking and now she’s learning how to acknowledge these feelings and starting the process of healing.

She’s a good mom and she loves her daughter very much, and she’s working really hard to give Bella and her other children a healthy parent to come home to.

Mary Ann: There are things in the past that I cannot change, but I can show them that the future holds something for our relationships and that we can go on from here.

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