New Directions for Women at the Evolution of Addiction Treatment Conference


Courtney Mason (Development and Clinical Outreach Coordinator) managing New Directions for Women's Booth at the Evolution of Addiction Conference

Addiction treatment continues to evolve. For more than 75 years, the concepts of substance abuse, alcohol and drug treatment, and addiction treatment have been developing and gaining more definition. Every new endeavor toward wellness requires trial and error, research, accumulating data, and reflection.

This is exactly the purpose of the “Evolution of Addiction Treatment” conference that took place on Dec 8th-11th, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA. This conference offered platforms for addiction treatment professionals to converse about the past, present, and future of the addiction treatment and the substance abuse field.

New Directions for Women was delighted to be part of this conversation. We pride ourselves in the pursuit of the highest quality of care. We pride ourselves in instituting the most effective, relevant, and newest practices for addiction treatment. As a consequence, we continue to yield results, above the national average for women who recover and stay recovered for a significant period of time (83% of our patients remain sober a year after discharge as opposed to the national average of 50%).

New Directions for Women sent two staff members, Ottis Johnson (Clinical Outreach Specialist) and Courtney Mason (Developmental and Clinical Outreach Coordinator), to participate in the 2011 Evolution of Addiction Treatment Conference. They marveled at the amount of people who were in attendance. There were nearly 500 people and over 50 booths to glean from and network with. People from all over the nation shared through experience, both written and verbal.

Treatment for the family, including young children and pregnant women in any trimester, continues to be rare in the addiction treatment field. Many attendees were interested in the work done at New Directions for Women. We will continue to take advantage of any opportunity to seek improvements for the continuum of care we offer. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about our programs.

If you want to connect with New Directions for Women or know of a women and family who can benefit from treatment Call us 800-939-6636 or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn .

New Directions for Women's booth at the Evolution of Addiction exhibit hall
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