NBA Star Goes to Rehab: Addiction Does not Discriminate


Lamar Odom, National Basketball Association (NBA) star, has apparently been checked into a drug and alcohol treatment center. He was arrested in late August, according to several reports, for driving under the influence. The ex-Los Angeles Laker has made the news for his basketball ability. He has also made the news for his marriage to Khloe Kardashian. He spends most of his time followed by cameras, which rarely show any challenge with addiction.

However, after being pulled over and failing field sobriety tests, we now see that there is more to his life that just love and basketball. We don’t know how long he has suffered from alcohol addiction. We do know that, after a struggle behind the scenes, he has decided to take some preventative steps. This decision is to be celebrated but not overlooked.

This is just another example of how serious addiction is. Addiction is a diagnosable and incurable disease that does not discriminate. There is sometimes a perception that addiction is limited to certain types of people. The truth is that most of our lives have been touched, in one way or another, by this disease.

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