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Ongoing Radio Spot

I’m Dr. Wendy Walsh. Have you or someone you know try to get sober multiple times with no lasting success? If so I’m asking you to be courageous and contact New Directions for Women. A caring addiction treatment center for women of all ages. New Directions for Women has help families recover for over 40 years! Their team can provide you with a free confidential assessment and explain your insurance benefits. They know recovery.

Body Chemistry

It’s Dr. Wendy Walsh. Women metabolize alcohol differently than men. When women drink frequently their bodies get sicker quicker. They’re at risk for so many illnesses including breast cancer. If you drink a lot it’s not a moral flaw! Your body is physically addicted. Let the team at New Directions for Women help you. For more than 40 years they’ve helped women get whole.

Party Girl

I know you you’re the fun girl! You’re at your best when you’re drinking, laughing, surrounded by friends! The life of the party. But I also know that’s not the real you. Have you ever tried to quit for 30 days? Don’t do it alone. Let the loving team at New Directions for Women embrace the authentic you. They know the special needs of women who drink. You know you should cut back, so call! New Directions for Women, they know recovery.


Are you a woman who’s holding a secret and I don’t mean a good one? You drink and you’re hiding it so you won’t hurt the people who love you. Alcoholism is often a disease of isolation. Let the team at New Directions for Women help you. For more than 40 years they specialized in helping women get their life back. You got nothing to lose by getting there free confidential assessment. They’ll help you with insurance too. New Directions for Women, they know recovery.

New Year Spot

The New Year is upon us, and New Directions for Women wants to help you or a loved one live beyond addiction. If you’ve been waiting for a new chapter to get sober what better time than now give yourself or a family member a fresh start this January.

Holiday Spot

The holidays! Happy family! Joyous times! But not if you’re a woman struggling with addiction. This can be the hardest time of the year, filled with triggers that can make life seem impossible. For 40 years New Directions for Women has helped thousands of women break free from addiction and heal from trauma. Call New Directions for Women now for a free confidential assessment. You deserve this gift this holiday season. New Directions for Women, they know recovery.

New Directions for Women is launching a campaign this holiday season on KOST 103.5 FM and KFI 640 AM to reach as many families in need of direction on their recovery journey. Our intake team is available to provide confidential, free assessments to help women break free from addiction and heal from trauma, whether this is their first-time entering alcohol and drug rehab or they’ve had multiple treatment episodes. Our hope is that women and loved ones affected by the family disease of addiction reach out with their questions and guidance for a safe place to go for help.

New Directions for Women<br>Radio Spot

The holiday season is a joyous time for many, but it can be extremely difficult for individuals who struggle with substance use disorder. We may be missing a loved one who has passed on, and it’s the first time without them present for the holidays. We may identify with a strong pressure (whether real or perceived) to be the perfect mother, wife, or daughter as we prepare the holiday feast, or throw a New Year’s Eve party. Opportunities to drink alcohol or engage in risky behaviors (including drinking and driving) become even more frequent. Alcoholic eggnog, mulled wine, and other common holiday beverages are ubiquitous. Family issues that have been going on for decades can intermingle with alcohol and drug use, resulting in a perfect storm of grief, anger, and stress. Returning home from the holidays, a place where an addiction to drugs or alcohol took home or the site of traumatic memories, can stir up a greater craving.

New Directions for Women<br>Radio Spot

Friends and family play an integral role in supporting individuals with substance use disorder. Often, we’ve found it’s a family member concerned about a loved one who calls us first. They may be unsure how to talk to their loved one, or feel awkward bringing it up. Remember, substance use disorder is a disease. This illness is something the individual did not ask for, and that they can’t control. Having a mindset of love, compassion, understanding, and concern can go a long way in helping yourself or a loved one.

While the holidays present increased risks for people suffering from substance use disorder, the devastating effects of addiction can be felt throughout the year. We’ll be continuing radio outreach throughout the year, hoping to dispel myths about addiction. One such myth is that people must hit their “bottom” to get help for addiction. However, we can raise that bottom and get them into rehab before they experience the full emotional, physical, and financial wreckage of substance use disorder.

Our intake team is happy to walk anyone through this process, recommend an interventionist, and talk through our program to find out if it would be a good fit. We are a private, exclusively female program with affordable private pay options. We also accept in-network and out-of-network health insurance benefits that can cover much of the addiction treatment cost. However, we do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. Reach out today for a free, confidential assessment. We know recovery.

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