The Journey of Recovery

The Journey of Recovery

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    journey of recovery

    The journey of recovery is never easy for someone struggling with addiction. Recovering from a broken foot or any biological malfunction takes time and the disease of alcohol dependency is no different. Not everyone falls into the same category with their recovery. It can be a matter of determination, family support, resources, the environment around you, traumatic incidents you have gone through, the causes of your addiction and many other factors that are all instrumental in the long recovery process. This is known as your journey; a journey that is perhaps one of the most difficult things to address and commence.

    Addiction isn’t something someone chooses. Addiction is a disease.  A disease that causes uncontrollable urges that can easily take over ones life. Addictions are never planned. For some, alcohol and drugs are used to hide pain and hurt they have endured.

    Drugs are often used because they signal pleasures in the brain. Some report that drugs create a sense of euphoria, sending the user into immense joy – a joy that the user never wants to leave.  These untroubled feelings are what fuel the dependent to use.  The use becomes habitual and within time they cannot function without the drug. As a tolerance is built up, more drugs are needed to attain the same effect. Over time a person suffering from addiction no longer uses for pleasure but simply for daily function. 

    An addict can become sick without using. The symptoms of a drug withdrawal vary according to the drug they are using.  Some experience flu-like symptoms, body aches/pains, vomiting, nausea and feelings of anxiety.  After an addict has been using their drug of choice for years or decades, they physiologically need the drug just to function. At this point, they need to go to a detox program before they can seek residential or outpatient care.

    Even after one has sought treatment they are still at risk to use again and relapse. Addiction is a chronic, lifelong illness. Thinking that you have fully recovered after graduating from a treatment program is dangerous. Years down the road, those urges can become apparent once more. That is why it’s important to get involved with your treatment program’s alumni services. Giving back and receiving support as an alumni from your rehab is vital – you are sharing your strength, experience, and hope with people in very new recovery which has the happy side effect of strengthening your own sobriety. In addition, you are receiving support from others who are living a recovery journey as well – by attending events, fundraisers, “tune-up” weekends, and more. If your treatment center does not have an alumni organization, consider contacting a local rehab to see if you can become a volunteer or member of their own alumni organization.

    For these reasons, recovery is a lifelong process. The journey of recovery is not easy.  Learning the right tools for continued wellness is important in your journey and New Directions for Women can help. New Directions for Women is a treatment facility located in California that offers help to women, pregnant women, women with children and families who desire a similar result. Our caring admissions counselors are available 24/7 to take your call and answer any questions you may have on getting help. Regardless of whether you are male or female, we are able to answer any questions to aid you in getting the right treatment. Our caring admissions counselors are available 24/7 to take your call and answer any questions you may have on getting help. Reach us by phone at 800-93-WOMEN. We can help. Stay in the loop with New Directions for Women by connecting with us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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