Journey of Recovery

journey of recovery

The journey of recovery is not an easy one, and has its up and downs. Recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol takes time. Not everyone falls into the same category with their recovery. Things like gender and age can predict how fast you will recover, as well as your determination in aiding the recovery process, the underlying causes of the addiction and many other factors. All these factors weigh together to help recovery begin. Although this journey can be one of the most difficult life experiences for an addict and his or her family, it can be the most rewarding as well.

Addiction isn’t something someone chooses. Addiction is a chronic, hereditary disease that causes uncontrollable urges. Drug addiction can make you forget everything else that once mattered the most. Addiction is never planned. Most people who use drugs and alcohol do so as a means of hiding the pain and hurt they have endured. Drugs, whether it is a marijuana joint or a hit of cocaine, signal pleasures in the brain. It sends an amazing feeling that leaves all other worries behind, sending the user into immense joy. This isn’t a feeling they want to leave. For the addict, the world is great when they are using and the desire to continue in those feelings is what sends a user back for more and more. Before they know it, they cannot function without the drug. As more of the drug is used, more is needed to attain that same pleasure. Often an addict no longer does it for the pleasure, but rather because of the need for it.

An addict can become quite ill without their drug. The exact symptoms of a drug withdrawal vary according to the drug they are using, however some can cause flu-like symptoms, body aches and pains, vomiting, nausea and a thought that if more of the drug isn’t attained they will go crazy.

Even after one has sought treatment the intense feelings and desires for the drug can be very strong. Years down the road those desires can snake their way into their minds. This is why recovery is always on-going, just as treating most diseases is. The journey of recovery is not an easy one for an addict, but one that can be accomplished when the right treatment and tools are taken advantage of. New Directions for Women is Orange County’s oldest women only addiction treatment rehab, and has been exclusively serving women since 1977.  Contact us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or simply by phone at 800-93-WOMEN. We can help.

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