Honoring our Volunteer Allison: Transforming Children One Day at a Time

Honoring our Volunteer Allison: Transforming Children One Day at a Time

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    There is nothing more rewarding that celebrating service. New Directions for Women continues to be blessed by some of the best stories and volunteers. Our very own Allison Carracino was featured in the “Six Degrees Magazine” for her work with the children at New Directions for Women. We have attached the story below for your reading pleasure.

    Every week, Laguna Beach resident Allison Carracino volunteers at New Directions for Women to help care take young children while their moms undergo addiction recovery treatment. The former pre-school teacher, whose husband, Dan Carracino, serves on the Board, wanted to do something to help at the residential treatment center that houses female recovering addicts along with their children. 

    Typically when a woman is admitted into a rehabilitation facility she is separated from her children for an extended period of time. At New Directions, women can focus on their treatment, which can take up to six months or longer, and not have to worry about their children’s welfare.

    Over the years, I have witnessed dramatic transformation in these children,” shares Allison as she explains how important it is for these children to have a sense of safety and consistency that is part of the program’s offering. “I hope to have a positive impact on these children’s lives.”

    “Many of these children are troubled due to lack of parenting skills prevalent among addicts. Often, the mom has been detached and their home environment lacked a sense of normalcy,” explains Allison. “I have witnessed and been part of so many children’s growth and positive development and they are always so excited to see me.”

    At New Directions, the child care program ensures scheduled meal and sleep times as well as the opportunity to gain a sense of security that are important for a young child’s emotional and societal development.

    While Allison’s primary role in her volunteer capacity is to assist with the children, she is also readily available to help as needed and sometimes finds herself driving women to the doctor or just listening to them. “Being involved in this role has been very rewarding. I will always stay connected to this cause.”

    We hope you enjoyed this story. If you know of a woman, woman with children, or pregnant woman, of any age, that suffers from addiction please contact our loving Admissions Counselors at 800-93-WOMEN or find us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. We can help.

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