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New Directions for Women Foundation’s Amethyst Society: Recognizing our Sustaining Investors

The amethyst is the recovery stone, and has longstanding origins in recovery and sobriety. What many do not know is its universal meaning as the recovery stone and its longstanding origins in recovery and sobriety.  In ancient Greek the word means “non-drunkenness” and in their culture it was considered to be an antidote to intoxication, so much so that wine goblets were even carved out of amethyst.  In the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism it relates to the Crown Chakra where it is believed to bring spiritual clarity and love of the higher mind.  The amethyst has also been used in the Catholic religion as Bishops wear amethyst rings which symbolize calmness and clarity.

At our Third Annual Circle of Life Breakfast on March 28, 2011, we launched the Amethyst Society to recognize our sustaining investors – who allow us to stay true to the original vision of our three founders that all women deserve care, despite their ability to pay for quality treatment. As there are various levels of support for New Directions, there are also levels within the Amethyst Society. Employees and volunteers that have reached milestones of five, ten, fifteen and twenty consecutive years are recognized with pins made of sterling silver, white gold, platinum, or platinum with diamonds and correspond with the number of years of service. Investors are recognized for their sustaining annual investments to New Directions with one-of-a-kind jewelry, including amethyst bracelets, rings, pendants, and money clips, at the milestones of five, ten, fifteen and twenty consecutive years.

Below are the levels of yearly giving for time, talent and contributions.

  • Silver 5 years of service or $ 5,000 – $14,999/yearly contribution for 5 years
  • White Gold 10 years of service or $15,000 –  $49,999/yearly contribution for 10 years
  • Platinum 15 years of service or $50,000 – $99,999/yearly contribution for 15 years
  • Platinum and Diamond 20 years of service or $100,000 or more/yearly contribution for 20 years

These pieces have been exclusively designed and expertly crafted by Ruth Fitzgerald, of Jewelry Designs by Ruth Fitzgerald in Laguna Niguel, California. As the vision and mission of the New Directions for Women Foundation revolves around investing in women’s recovery, the Amethyst Society is a chance for the organization to give back to investors like you. Continual and committed supporters make the joy of recovery possible for the women and the families that enter treatment and find the glories of sobriety and recovery. The members of the Amethyst Society recognize the need for New Directions for Women and find it within themselves to continually invest each year significant amounts of time, talent, or treasure.

Founding Members:

Faith Strong, Foundation Board Member
Carole Pickup, Foundation Board Member
R.C. Baker Foundation

Merrilee Greene, Primary Counselor
Linda Martinez, Care Coordinator
Rebecca Flood, Executive Director and CEO
Virginia Mendiola, Executive Administrative Officer

Sally Frei
Darlene Quinn
Dan Carracino
Elizabeth Ward
Brian Cwik
James Sabovich
Doug Kerr
Gianna Drake-Kerrison
Susan Meek

Exclusively designed amethyst jewelry for our sustaining supporters
Exclusively designed amethyst jewelry for our sustaining supporters
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