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Making a commitment to support women’s recovery has a life changing impact not only on their lives, but our entire community’s. In Fiscal Year 2018-2019, we raised $780,154 from 300 donors. These funds are truly life-changing, because they support women who otherwise would not receive the full care they need to recover. There is always an operational shortfall between the cost to deliver excellent, quality care and the insurance reimbursement and private funds we receive towards care. Thank you to everyone who supports our mission!

We’ve launched the Amethyst Society to recognize our sustaining investors – who allow us to stay true to the original vision of our three founders that all women deserve care, despite their ability to pay for quality treatment. As there are various levels of support for New Directions, there are also levels within the Amethyst Society.

Employees and volunteers that have reached milestones of five, ten, fifteen and twenty consecutive years are recognized with pins made of sterling silver, white gold, platinum, or platinum with diamonds and correspond with the number of years of service. Investors are recognized for their sustaining annual investments to New Directions with one-of-a-kind jewelry, including amethyst bracelets, rings, pendants, and money clips, at the milestones of five, ten, fifteen and twenty consecutive years. You can learn more about our Amethyst Society here.

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