Eastern and Western Approaches to Addiction Recovery

Eastern and Western Approaches to Addiction Recovery

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    Eastern and Western Approaches to Addiction Recovery No matter how old you may get, your Nan is always going to be right. We’ve heard remedies from the world over, from mustard juice for sore throats to pickled plum tea. Every household, everywhere in the world has their own “home remedy” for one ailment or another. So next time you’re sitting there, inhaling potato steam under a blanket to treat a cold, remember that someone, somewhere else, is treating that same cold by sucking on a lemon dipped in honey and cinnamon.

    Everyone always believes they have the “miracle cure” to one thing or another. The inspirational part, is that many of these work just as well as one another. So long as you feel better, that’s what truly matters. So whether you stay healthy with parkour or with yoga, with horse riding or weight lifting, just remember to take care of yourself in whatever way you find works for you.

    And if you’re ever feeling down, or if you’re looking for something new to try and shake out a bad rhythm from your bones, why not try something from the other half of the states? If you’re from San Diego, why not try a Boston deep dish pizza? If you’re from New York, try some avocado on your next burger. The truth is, every corner of the globe has found some amazing way to do. Even if it sounds weird or strange, you should go out and explore the many artisanal ways that people do what they do.

    In the world of drug recovery, there’s even a disparity between the East coast and West coast practices. At New Directions for Women, a centralized recovery campus in Costa Mesa, CA, we focus on taking care of women of all ages, pregnant women in any trimester, and women with their children, and giving them a caring, full-service care environment where they are treated and educated on ways to improve their lives upon graduation from addiction treatment. The Pacific Ocean is only a few miles away, and we are able to have process groups, drum circles, and bonfires on the beach.

    Sometimes we’re so rushed throughout our life that we follow the “Western” practice of medicating our illnesses, thinking it’s the only way to get things done fast enough without taking time off work (“East vs Best” mentality). But that’s not always the right answer. Sometimes a little bit of thought and re-evaluating our perspective on something is all the change we need to better ourselves and our situation. Always remember to be open to the world around you, welcome new and creative solutions to problems you may be having. If you’d like to explore some of the many open community programs offered by New Directions, such as Yoga, please give us a call at 800.939.6636 to learn more about us and any of our open-to-the-public events.

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