Dynamic Duo – NDFW’s Perfect Team

The Dynamic Duo – enhancing the infrastructure at NDFW

With the passing of Dr. Maurice Wilson last winter, a new position was created in the Quality Improvement office. The task of discovering a single candidate to manage the system put in place by Dr. Wilson proved to be difficult at best.

After much thought and discussion, we are glad to announce that New Directions found a creative solution. Why not fill the position with the highly accomplished and professional duo?

We delightfully reintroduce the newly promoted Lynn Blanchard as New Directions’ Clinical Director. She will oversee the clinical services as part of the Quality Improvement Officer’s job. We proudly introduce Reece Rayford, who will assume Dr. Wilson’s responsibilities in the area of quality improvement, outcome, research, accreditations and licensing.  

“We found the perfect team,” said Becky. “I’m confident that these two talents will be able to carry the torch, continuing on the path that was impeccably laid down by Dr. Wilson.” 

Wow! Another Maurice and a long term employee who emerges to embrace new responsibility. Both of them boast resumes full of experience. We acknowledge and are thankful for the standard and systems established by the late Dr. Wilson. NDFW is certainly positioned for improvement as we receive our new Dynamic Dou!

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