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Drug Rehab For Pregnant Women In Orange County

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Orange County RehabDrug Rehab For Pregnant Women In Orange County

Many women who are addicted to drugs like cocaine, heroin, prescription opioids, crystal meth, and marijuana become pregnant. While they may have a sincere desire to stop using while they are expecting, they just can’t seem to do it on their own. They need professional addiction treatment services.

At New Directions For Women, we offer a specialized drug rehab for pregnant women in our drug rehab Orange County. Unlike most rehab centers, we are equipped to meet the needs of expecting mothers to ensure a safe, drug-free pregnancy and delivery. When soon-to-be moms come to us for addiction treatment, we offer them the opportunity to get the help they need for a substance use disorder. We also prepare them for life as a new mother in recovery.

If you are pregnant and addicted – or you know a woman who is – we are here to help. Located in Costa Mesa, we offer drug rehab during pregnancy for women in Orange County at our drug rehab Orange County.

Addiction And Pregnancy Is More Common Than You Think

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimates that approximately five percent of all pregnant women use one or more addictive substances during pregnancy. Of that number, only a very small percentage take that courageous action and go to drug rehab to address their substance use disorder.

Drug addiction affects women very profoundly. This is especially true of women who are pregnant. Most expecting mothers who are using some kind of mind-altering substance carry extreme shame and guilt when they can’t stay sober. We are sympathetic to this sensitive situation.

At New Directions For Women, we are a therapeutic community of women who extend care and compassion to addicted pregnant women in Orange County. We want them to find freedom from active addiction and walk victoriously in sobriety. This boosts a sense of self-worth and empowers women to handle the daily responsibilities of raising a child.

Why You Should Consider Drug Rehab If You Are Pregnant

Many women minimize the dangers of using drugs while they are pregnant. This can be a fatal mistake. According to NIDA, research shows that smoking marijuana, taking prescription opioids, or using any other kind of illegal drug during pregnancy can double or even triple the risk of stillbirth.

Also, if a mother has a substance use disorder while she is pregnant, her baby can be born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (also known as NAS). This is a dreaded condition where a newborn experiences the painful symptoms of withdrawal during their first few months of life.

Babies born with NAS will likely have a low birthweight and respiratory complications along with other health conditions when they are born. Newborns with NAS stay an average of 16 days in the hospital compared to two days for healthy babies.

Furthermore, babies are much more likely to be born with birth defects if the mother uses drugs during pregnancy. Slower development, heart problems, physical defects like Clubfoot, and other dangerous chronic health problems can result from a chemically toxic pregnancy caused by drug addiction.

Detox And Pregnancy

Undergoing the process of detoxification is difficult for anyone. But, it is especially challenging for addicted pregnant women. With this in mind, we have incorporated a professional medical detox into our drug rehab for pregnant women here in Orange County.

Our detox program is designed to keep women comfortable during withdrawal while ensuring the safety of the baby. We provide direct access to a doctor who will create a customized detox plan and monitor and evaluate progress around the clock.

Addiction Treatment For Pregnant Women – What To Expect

When addicted pregnant women come to us for drug rehab our Orange County Rehab, they will be given all the tools they need to enjoy ongoing sobriety. We promote an evidence-based treatment model that drives results.

Women are given individual counseling, peer support, relapse prevention classes, parenting classes, and trauma therapy during their stay at New Directions for Women.

And, we don’t just stop treatment when women deliver their newborns. We offer long-term care for new mothers and allow them to stay at our residential community, which is designed for women and their children.

Want to see where you’ll be staying when you come to us for drug rehab in Costa Mesa? Take a tour.

Addicted and Pregnant? We Want To Help

If you are expecting and currently suffering from a substance use disorder, we offer an exceptional drug rehab for pregnant women in Orange County. If you know a soon-to-be mom who is using drugs, one of our caring Intake counselors would love to discuss options with her. We welcome women in every stage of pregnancy.

Ready to get help now? Please call us at 1-800-939-6636 or fill out our email contact form.

New Directions For Women has been featured several times on the A&E hit show “Intervention.” Here’s a clip:

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