Doubletree Hotel In Irvine Supports Addiction Treatment

Doubletree Hotel Representative and NDFW Staff receiving donated bike to assist with addiction treatment


Addiction treatment is a field of partnership and support. The 12th Step of Alcoholics Anonymous teaches us that giving back what has been so freely given to us is key. We are honored by the many in kind donations we receive each year. 

New Directions for Women is proud to celebrate a relationship with the Doubletree Hotel in Irvine. This year Doubletree purchased and raffled off a bike at their annual holiday party. The first winner decided to re-raffle the bike to someone who might be more deserving. The second raffle winner, who happened to be the Doubletree’s Shuttle Driver, Issam, decided to donate the bike to a deserving charity. The Doubletree Care Community voted and decided to award the bicycle to New Directions for Women. This bike is humbly received as many of our patients use bicycles to go to the Library, attend 12 step meetings in the local area, go to job interviews, to going to work, to get exercise, to participate in volunteer work, and ride around the Newport Beach Back Bay.

New Directions for Women thanks the Doubletree Hotel in Irvine for the generous bike contribution. They took a picture to commemorate their donation and we wanted to share that with you [above]. The Doubletree Hotel in Irvine offers a great example of support and partnership.

NDFW hopes to continue making connections that will lead more women to seek treatment. Our goal is to make sure women, children, and their families have the opportunity to get well. If you know a woman or family needs treatment contact us at TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, or simply by phone at 800-939-6636. Our caring Admissions Counselors are happy to serve and offer resources that fit your needs.

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