Daughter Shares Story of Living with a Mom Addicted to Heroin

Daughter Shares Story of Living with a Mom Addicted to Heroin

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In a harrowing account to the Daily Mail, 24 year old Jessica Masuglia told of how her mother passed away after overdosing at the age of 43.  Masuglia was raised in Melbourne, Australia by a mother who struggled with dependency to heroin.

For most of the young girl’s life, the woman struggled with trying to maintain her sobriety.  Masuglia chronicled that there were times when her mother would be sober and there were times when weeks would pass and she would start using heroin again.  “She was two different people.” Masuglia said.

Her mother’s struggles with sobriety didn’t bother her until she became a teenager.  It was during this time in the girl’s life that the effects of her mother’s chemical dependency changed.  She began to suffer from drug psychosis and concurrently became dependent to alcohol.  The daughter told the Daily Mail that she suffered from mood swings where her mother would ‘snap’ at any moment.  This became taxing for the young girl, who eventually went to live with relatives at the age of 16.

After not seeing one another for over four years, Masuglia found out that her mother had passed.  She felt guilty because she had not seen her mother for such a long time.  In her heart she always knew that her mother loved her, despite her active addiction.  Given the recent talks by the Australian government over drug testing welfare recipients, Masuglia knew that she had to tell her story.  Addiction is stigmatized in society, and by sharing her story she hopes that others will come to understand that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing.

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