Cooperation Creates Community

Cooperation Creates Community

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    Cooperation Creates Community
    Joseph Skrajewski (Betty Ford Center), Marissa Maldonado (from National Theraputic Services) and Victoria Herbert (with NDFW) having dinner at Maison Martinique while at ITCC (Vero B each).


    One of the most important elements of recovery and addiction treatment is cooperation. Addiction is a disease that cannot be handled in isolation. The very basis for recovery is supporting and affirming community.

    NDFW prides itself in the relationships we value and maintain through fellowship and conference. We are sure that these relationships offer the opportunity to continue offering life changing care to those who suffer from addiction and/or abuse. Victoria Herbert, NDFW Admissions Leader, traveled to ITCC (the International Treatment Center Cooperative) with networking and fellowship being the goal.

    In Florida, Victoria was able to explore new relationships, nurture established relationships, and receive information on updates in the addiction treatment field. At the Maison Martinique Restaurant of the Caribbean Court, Victoria was welcomed by ITCC Founder John Southworth, along with 40 other treatment centers that were represented. She sat through workshops that included trauma treatment and training, family and therapy intensives, and discussions about emerging drugs of choice. She was also spent time with representatives from Calloway Labs, the creator of new technology that will be able to trace opiates using lasers.

    There is no doubt that cooperation creates major differences in this industry. NDFW extends a great thank you to Hero House for sponsoring our hotel accommodations at Disney Vero Beach. This is just one example of how cooperation can be helpful.

    NDFW plans to use the networks, established throug these conferences, to further impact the treatment industry and improve the cooperative work we are doing for women, children, and their families at NDFW. We look forward to John Southworth being our emcee at ATCPCC in July, which is our own version of a networking conference held annually in Santa Barbara.

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