Connecting and Collaborating in the Bay Area | Therapists | Addiction Treatment Centers

Connecting and Collaborating in the Bay Area | Therapists | Addiction Treatment Centers

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    Connecting and Collaborating in the Bay Area

    Last week New Directions for Women CEO and Executive Director, Becky Flood, traveled to San Francisco for a long awaited and promised trip to meet with colleagues in the addiction and treatment industry. She was welcomed and hosted by her long time friend, Greg Rupp of CRC Health, who graciously ensured Becky’s transportation, which was convenient. They visited two premiere treatment centers in the Bay Area: Marin Services for Women and Alta Mira Recovery.

    Marin Services for Women, under the leadership of CEO Cindy Myers, welcomed Becky.  New Directions for Women is transitioning into implementing the “Seeking Safety” curriculum, which has been used excellently at Marin Services for Women under the leadership of Brenda Underhill, counselor and long time friend of Becky’s. This created the perfect opportunity for observation and inquiry. Through her friend and Marin Counselor Brenda Underhill, Becky made the acquaintance of Cindy Myers which initiated a conversation and relationship that will yield stronger connections and hopefully a higher quality of care for New Directions for Women and Marin Services for Women. 

    Becky also visited Alta Mira, under the leadership of new CEO Bill Morison. This hotel turned treatment center, with a pet mascot, boasts a wonderful view and excellent treatment services. Becky was so excited to further develop the relationship with Bill and share the opportunity to bring further innovation into the field of treatment and addictions.

    She wanted to acknowledge the pleasure of seeing her good friend Dr Fran DiDomenicis and his wife Karen. Dr. Fran is a trained psychologist with a private practice in Walnut Creek, California. She truly enjoyed this time, as they shared a home cooked poached salmon and vegetable supper. Their thirty year friendship continues to be more fruitful with time.

    The overall benefit of Becky meeting with her colleagues, besides the pure joy of fellowship, was exposure to great levels of treatment. Becky is the woman on the move, making sure that New Directions for Women continues to offer the best care available to women who struggle with addiction and trauma. If you are interested in meeting with New Directions for Women staff or taking a tour of our three acre facility in Southern California – please call us at 949.313.1192 to set up a visit.

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