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Gardening in Recovery

A Spiritual Practice Gardening is a spiritual practice that helps the women we serve cultivate mindfulness – a lifelong tool they can use as they sustain a life of recovery from drugs and alcohol. Gardening helps us connect to the …

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Horticultural Therapy

Building a Community for People in Recovery from Addiction People recovering from addictions who can manage stress through the experiential therapy of Horticultural Therapy gardening have better outcomes for longer-term wellness. Stress management is imperative for people in recovery to …

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Addiction Treatment Centers – Some Tips on Making the Choice

Get Help Now (800) 939-6636 Alcohol Addiction Rehab Many people go to rehab for alcohol addiction every year, and some of those will inevitably experience relapse in the process— according to statistics, one in ten people going into a drug …

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Sober Women: A Few Facts about Women and Addiction

Science has finally proven what many of us long suspected — boys and girls do learn differently. (Some public schools are even introducing gender-specific classrooms.) We also know women respond very differently to addiction and experience different effects from it. …

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Why Residential Drug Treatment Is Better

Residential drug treatment facilities (also known as rehab or live-in health facilities) are usually considered the best, and often last, chance for many people who want to get rid of an addiction. They deliver intensive help to people who have …

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