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Mature Women in Rehab

Japan is facing a unique crisis in the world, one that wouldn’t have made sense at any other point in history. Due to technical revolutions in medicine and healthcare, an overly work-obsessed culture, combined with a turbulent century of war …

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in Addiction Recovery

There is a theory that the entire universe is a product of our own minds, and that each one of us ultimately builds the world a little bit with every thought we have, every interaction we engage in. Have you …

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Healthy Sleep Patterns for Women in New Recovery

“What’s a hygienic way to sleep?” I was caught a bit off-guard when the Program Manager, Merrilee Greene, asked me this question. Hygiene? During sleep? With so many small bad habits slipping into our lives, sleep has become a bit… …

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Women’s Rehab Chef Works to Elevate Meals and Educate on a Healthy Nutrition Plan

Slices of limes and lemons float in large, glass drink dispensers at the end of the snack counter in the Founder’s dining room. “Spa waters,” the head chef, Sal, calls them. “Fresh water infused with cucumbers, lime, and citrus fruits. …

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Gardening in Recovery

A Spiritual Practice Gardening is a spiritual practice that helps the women we serve cultivate mindfulness – a lifelong tool they can use as they sustain a life of recovery from drugs and alcohol. Gardening helps us connect to the …

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Horticultural Therapy

Building a Community for People in Recovery from Addiction People recovering from addictions who can manage stress through the experiential therapy of Horticultural Therapy gardening have better outcomes for longer-term wellness. Stress management is imperative for people in recovery to …

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