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Circle of Life Breakfast 2018 | Becky Flood, Board Member

Wow. I want to thank Kari for her courageousness and willingness to share with us today. Dave, what can I say? I’ve walked the walk with you. I’ve seen the impact that New Directions had not only on you, but …

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Circle of Life Breakfast 2018 | David L

Good morning everyone, my name is David. A number of years back my daughter’s mother Shay had a flair up from a back injury she had struggled with for years not long after our daughter Lily was born. She started …

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Circle of Life Breakfast 2018 | Salia W

When I came to New Directions with my Mom I was only 2, so I don’t remember what it was like before then. What I do remember is some of the fun times I had there. I knew every woman’s …

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Circle of Life Breakfast 2018 | Sue Bright, Executive Director

What an amazing journey this has been!!  Just to give you a little bit of history I want to share with you what these last six months have been like. I first stepped onto the campus of New Directions for …

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Circle of Life Breakfast 2018 | Tania Bhattacharyya, Foundation Executive Director

Good morning. As the Executive Director of the Foundation, I get to be a storyteller. I found NDFW when I was getting a Psychology Degree at UC Irvine, almost a decade ago. I was on our peaceful campus, sitting in …

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Circle of Life Breakfast 2018 | Allison Wilder and Devon Martin celebrate Lyn Wilder

Ann Premazon: Hello, everybody. I hope you’re all enjoying your breakfast. I would like to now introduce Allison Wiemann Wilder, and Devon Martin, who will be honoring and celebrating the life of Lyn Wilder. Lyn was married to one of …

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