Jon Bon Jovi, His Daughter, and Addiction

Jon Bon Jovi, His Daughter, and Addiction

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    Jon Bon Jovi, His Daughter, and Addiction

    Early this week new reports were broadcast about the daughter of famous American musician, singer, and actor, “Jon Bon Jovi” (John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.). Reportedly, his daughter was arrested for overdosing on Heroin.  A student in college, Stephanie Bongiovi, was discovered to be unresponsive and is being accused of having an illegal encounter with substance.

    Stephanie Bongiovi should have received treatment long before her alleged overdose. She should have been in group, received therapy, going through detox, and/or moving through an intensive outpatient program. Instead, she has become another victim of this aggressive diagnosable disease. Over half the prison population, in the United States, have a history of substance abuse. These are the individuals that we must reach and seek to treat. The treatment field has to respond to offer rehab before incarceration.

    New Directions for Women has a mission to transform lives. We seek to help women who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. It is our goal to make sure that people understand that addiction has no preference. No body of people is exempt from these types of struggle. Every family has been impacted by addiction in one way or another. The recent reports of the Bongiovi Family is just another example of this truth.

    If you know  a woman who is struggling with addiction. If you know of someone who need treatment contact our caring counselors at New Directions for Women, we can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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