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ATCPCC 2010 Video Testimonials

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Why attend New Directions for Women’s Addiction Treatment Centers and Professionals Consortium of California (ATCPCC)? Our attendees say it best! Check out some of their comments below.

Adrianna Castanellos | Pacific Coast Reocvery Center

I love this conference. I was one of the first people to put this conference on with Becky from New Directions for Women, and it’s just grown, and it is awesome here, and I’m coming back next year.

David Likens | ABC Recovery Center

I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed this conference. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to come out and to meet people in the industry and to make connections and to really learn what other people are doing, and I think I’ll come again next year.

Richard Watts | ABC Recovery Center

I couldn’t believe how many resources we had until I came to this conference. I didn’t realize how many people and how many people so dedicated to this stuff and how many resources I had at my fingertips. I’m so glad I came here. I can’t wait till next year. Thank you so much.

Stan Speck | Cottage Residential Center

I’m the manager at Cottage Residential Center in Santa Barbara, California. This is our third conference at the ATCPCC. It’s been a wonderful conference again this year. It’s a very valuable resource for us. We’re able to connect with providers all over the United States. It’s an awesome experience, and we love doing it, so we’ll be back next year. Thanks.

Ben Eiland | Alta Mira Recovery Centers

I just wanted to say I’ve had a great time at this conference. It’s been great to meet a lot of great people and smooze. Thank you very much.

Kelley White | Coastal Mountain Youth Academy

All I have to say is this is the best conference of the year. Ya gotta come!

Rick Parish | Sober Escorts Inc.

I’d like to thank Becky Flood and New Directions for this conference. I always enjoy myself here and make brand new friendships and referral sources. It’s one of the best conferences that I have ever attended, and I really feel that I get bang for my buck.

Ed Diehl | Seabrook House

I absolutely love being here out in Santa Barbara at this New Directions–sponsored conference. You meet great people that work pretty effectively, and it’s just a great deal. It’s my second year here. I’ll certainly be back next year, and thanks. Thanks for all being here.

Michelle McCormick

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Newport Beach, California, but right now I’m standing in Santa Barbara in an awesome conference sponsored – for addiction and chemical-dependency-treatment professionals from around the nation, and because of Becky Flood from New Directions, who put this thing together, hosting it, now, there’s folks from the East Coast as well as the West Coast. It’s been a dynamic experience for me, getting to meet treatment professionals from intervention all the way through after-care, and talking about their programs and how we might work together and collaborate. Especially as a private practitioner, I don’t feel alone anymore ’cause I’ve been here and I’ve connected with people, and that’s what’s important. We’ve got a team ready to hit the road and go out there and make a difference in people’s lives in the area of addiction. So Becky Flood, thank you so much for the hosting as New Directions, and I’d love to thank the Life Adjustment team – I think that’s right – for sponsoring this awesome conference. And thank you for the ping-pong paddles, too. That was fun. Thanks.

Sam Usher | Addictions Consultants

I just wanted to thank New Directions one more time for the most amazing networking opportunity that I ever had the opportunity to go to. I’m an EAP, and so I have an opportunity to hear the finest and the best treatment programs present their services, and then, as an individual treatment provider, I also have the opportunity to talk to people about being a referral resource and after-care program. So it’s an ideal opportunity. I encourage anybody working in the community profession to come join us in Santa Barbara next year. It’s marvelous. Thank you.

Gina Tabrizy | Pat Moore Foundation & Harmony Heals

What I’m really excited about is I’m at the 2010 conference of the ATCPCC. It was put on by New Directions and Southworth Associates, an this year we have Life Adjustment teams supporting us. This is an amazing weekend. There is every kind of person in the field of treatment that you want to know, from the East Coast to the West Coast, every facility from the little man to the big one, there’s something available for everyone. As a private practitioner, I need all of those resources, and they made them available to us. What’s beautiful about this conference is that we each get an opportunity to stand up on a podium and give a five-minute spiel about our facility, our work, with a captive audience. Everyone has the opportunity to sit, and we’re all there to support each other. It’s a beautiful environment. It was done – it’s exceptional. The work that they put into putting this together, the organization. Thank you so much, Becky Flood and John Southworth. It was an amazing conference, and I’m coming back next year, and I’m representing both of my facilities. That’s what I’m gonna do. So thank you so much.

Jason Ross | Alternatives in Treatment

I’m thrilled to get to go to the conference here out in Santa Barbara this year, and I pray they’re gonna let me come back next year so I can do more networking and be around some great people who are here.

Jim O’Brien | Maryville Addiction Treatment Centers.

We’re located in Southern New Jersey. But tonight I’m standing in Santa Barbara, California, in a beautiful setting, where I’m participating in the ATCPCC conference of executive leaders in the addiction-treatment field from around the country. This is a great conference. It’s put on by New Directions for Women, my long-time friend Becky Flood, from – who I knew back in New Jersey, is the executive director there. Her and her staff have done an outstanding job in a beautiful facility to bring together the leaders in addiction treatment from around the country. We’ve heard from each other on new trends, new ideas, new ways of doing business, interventions, everything from the intervention process right through to aftercare. This is the place where leaders in the field need to be, and I’d encourage you to be here next year at this beautiful facility in Santa Barbara for three days of incredible networking and information. Thank you.

Diahann Klein

I came to this conference actually kinda last minute, actually, and Santa Barbara, not a bad place to be, that’s for sure, but I did not know what I was in for. This is probably the most amazing conference I have attended to date. The relationship building runs way deeper because it’s a smaller, more intimate crowd, and you really, really get to hear about the programs from the people that either really built them or are right in the trenches on a daily basis, so it really comes from the heart, and I’ve learned a tremendous amount by being here.

Mike De Wees | EMarketed

I’m here at the ATCPCC, and I’m very proud to be here representing EMarketed thanks to Becky Flood and everybody at the New Directions for Women organization, Life Adjustment team for sponsoring. Great luau. We had a blast. We met so many great people and made some great contacts, and the education level just went up – skyrocketed through the roof, so I will definitely be back next year. I recommend anybody who is considering coming to come and join us. Santa Barbara was gorgeous this year, sunny and beautiful, and the activities were wonderful, so see you next year.

Brandi Eliot | Northwest Academy

I recommend anybody come to the conference. And thanks so much to John and Becky for being so accommodating and making it so great for all of us. This is my second year, and I will be back next year. See you there.

Nancy Belkap | Casa Serena

I’m the program director of Casa Serena, and I’m gonna do this again next year. Maybe I can host some people to come to my facility.

La Rhea Steindler | Pat Moore Foundation & Harmony Heals

I work as the program manager at the Pat Moore Foundation, and I’m also a therapist at Harmony Heals and Laguna Woods for Gina Tabrizy – and I just want to thank New Directions for Women for putting on this incredible conference. This is the second year I’ve attended, and it’s just great to get these treat – addiction treatment professionals from all over the country together. You know, you get an idea of what the new trends are and what’s happening. I find it is a great learning experience. It’s nice to know what other people are doing in other parts of the country, and it’s a great opportunity for us as professionals to talk about what we’re doing and the work we’re doing. And it’s really a benchmark for, you know, the level of care that we’re offering, and I find it invaluable, and I just want to thank you very much for having it. It’s worth our time, and it’s an absolutely incredible site right on the ocean in Santa Barbara. And I plan to be back again next year.

Josie Ramirez-Herndon | Villareal & Associates

I just wanted to thank you and Becky and Tania for putting together this conference in Santa Barbara. This is my second year here, and I absolutely love it, and I’m gonna keep coming and spreading the word. Thank you very much.

Alonso Dominguez | Echo Malibu Treatment Centers

I highly suggest you come to this conference. You get intimate space with treatment centers, the professionals that work there, and you really get to know each other from not just a professional space but kind of a personal space, and you have a better connection with each other, so sign up next year.

Bev Roesch | Cirque Lodge

I’m just finishing up the conference here provided by New Directions for Women. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with your colleagues in the field and a bunch of people who passionately believe in recovery for all people and all circumstances, and I recommend that you come be a part of this process and network with your peers and share all the gifts of your program and what you’ve been involved with in this setting.

Patricia Meyers | Promises

I’m the clinical director of admissions at Promises, and I absolutely love this conference and will absolutely be back and would refer it to anybody who asks, and I love Ann.

Karen Kellejian | Echo Malibu

It’s my first time at the conference, and I just can’t say enough about the wonderful opportunity to meet our colleagues in our field, to connect with them on a very different level than the usual conferences. The quality of the interactions is tremendous, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Jen Sneider | A&E Intervention

Came here for the 2010 ATCPCC conference, and it is fantastic. It’s so great to get a bunch of treatment centers in a room, and just get to hear everything from everybody really is just a great comparison – gets to see who’s great and what, and really they’re all great at what they do, but everyone specializes in something, so thanks so much, and I hope I’ll be back here next year!

Tom Maisel | Pasadena Villa

We’re a mood and thought disorder program based out of Orlando and Sevierville, Tennessee, and this is an opportunity for me to meet with a group of individuals, and some I know, some I don’t know, and it was just a great chance to connect with a bunch of people and find out a lot about other programs, and I hope to be here next year. This was really wonderful. I want to thank everybody involved, and I’m very grateful to be here.

Tammy Eurick | Alternatives in Treatment

This is my fourth year here at the Santa Barbara conference, and it’s the best conference, it’s my favorite, and I love Becky Flood, and she’s my mentor, and she’s the reason that I’m back in school, and I will go to this conference every year.

Ann Premazon | Premazon Business Consulting

I love this conference. I want to thank Becky Flood in New Directions. I want to thank John Southworth. I want to thank the Life Adjustment team. I learned so much, and I’m so grateful to be able to be here. This is my second year, and I will be back next year, and I encourage anybody to come. Again, thank you so very, very much for having me, and this conference is the best conference ever. Have a great day!

Aubrey Hutchings | Pasadena Villa

This is our first time here at the conference. It’s been fantastic. We mostly treat mood disorders and thought disorders, Asperger’s, with co-occurring, so with the substance abuse. It’s been fantastic to meet so many different people in the field. Everybody was extremely kind. We just had a great time getting to know different people, and what a wonderful just group of resources. Thank you.

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