Annual Alumnae Holiday Party was a hit!

Annual Alumnae Holiday Party was a hit!

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    Lights, Christmas trees, raffle tickets…..appetizers, main course, and dessert. This was the scene at New Directions for Women on the night of Dec 15th, 2011. It was standing room only! Children, many of whom were born at New Directions, were dancing and jumping around joyfully in their holiday outfits. Parents and old friends joked about the “good ole days.” Santa even made an appearance, to the wonder and amazement of the children! Is this what a sober world feels like?

    The room was filled with joy and laughter at our Annual Alumnae Christmas Party. This year’s Christmas party was a potluck as usual. There was more food than the tables could comfortable hold. Specialty and signature holiday dishes accompanied the scrumptious turkey and ham, prepared by New Directions for Women’s Resident Chef Glenda Yamamoto. This is a sight we will not soon forget.

    The Alumnae of New Directions for Women deserve to be commended for a wonderful holiday gathering. Many guests brought a wrapped gift for our current patients to open on Christmas morning. Even though they are away from their families during this holiday season, they have a supportive sisterhood of sober women around them to share this special time with. Thank you to those Alumnae who continue to be involved with their alma mater, and share with our current patients the glories of sobriety.

    There is always an opportunity to connect or reconnect with New Directions for Women.Want to connect or re-connect with New Directions for Women and our Alumnae Association?  Call us 800-939-6636 or find us on facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn

    Enjoy the professional pictures, taken by TFProductions, as we attempted to catch some of the Holiday fun. The rest of the pictures are on our facebook album. Click here to see them

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