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“Before coming to new directions I had no clue how I was going to live life and be a mom without drugs and alcohol. My only coping mechanism was to lose myself in the high, but after being in treatment for multiple months at New Directions with my kids by my side did I learn I CAN be a sober wonderful mom.  The gifts I received while in treatment continue to improve my life everyday.  I now enjoy my children and am proud to say I am a  GOOD MOM one day at a time!!  I am active in my own recovery. I got sober and I got a new pair of glasses.  Life is great now.  Without drugs and alcohol, I left an abusive relationship, got a divorce, bought a home, ALL BY MY SELF, and am starting graduate school this fall.  New Directions taught me the skills I needed to love myself and to love my children.  Thank you New Directions.  My children thank you too!!!  Mommy is back!!”

– Judy A.


“I did not want to stop drinking.  I had been in two different treatment programs before – The Betty Ford Center and the McDonald Center – and I did not want to be here. I was so depressed and so sad that I landed myself here. I was so hopeless. But they made me laugh through my tears. Even though I didn’t want to be here, there was a fundamental psychic and spiritual shift. My experience with the staff was nothing but professional, and so much more personal than I ever had before. I came out feeling like I was valuable, that I had something to offer….

“There are those who hated it, who did nothing but complain and cry nothing but chaos and drama. It really depends on who you are on the inside. It was in all senses a new beginning for me. My experience was extremely positive.”

– Sandy T.


“I came here really broken. I got built back up, literally. I was a brat; I thought I was a princess. They taught me everything, including humility. That was a big part of my growth. New Directions is so special. It saved my life.”

– Melissa H.


The summer of 1996 was the darkest of my forty years.  My name is Paula H.  I don’t remember how I found out about New Directions for Women.  I have often wondered how to thank that unknown angel.  I hadn’t lost my job or my house.  I’d managed 13 years without going to jail.  On the outside everything was fine but on the inside in my head and my soul I was as good as dead.  Thank God a friend brought my empty shell of a body to New Directions.  Thank God they admitted me.

After a couple of days (in a daze) following my fellow “rehabbers” around….after several groups and honest admissions of my addictions I finally admitted I was an alcoholic, an addict and on the road to death if nothing changed.

I don’t know if I would be alive without New Directions’ help.  I was introduced to several 12-step meetings and brought to them until I felt comfortable enough to go on my own.  New Dictions was there when I needed them.  I still am involved and plan to stay involved.  I have a life beyond my dreams.  And, if I continue to practice what New Directions taught me, I can stay clean all my life one day at a time.”

– Paula H.


“When I came to New Directions in January of 1997, I had no idea what was in store for me.  I had just gotten out of jail after serving a two month sentence for my second DUI.  I agreed to try it out for a couple of weeks.  Well, my two weeks turned into six months.  Those six months turned my life around.  At first, I had no intention of getting sober – I was secretly convinced that I didn’t have a problem with alcohol.  After being there awhile, I finally broke through the denial and then the real work began.  I was able to see how much alcohol played a role in my life and I learned the tools I needed to take on life as a sober woman.  I became a productive member of society and gained back the trust and respect of my kinds.  It has been quite a journey and I am extremely grateful to New Directions for showing me how to live.”

– Ruth D.


“New Directions is the only treatment program I have attended (I was here twice).  I knew that only a desire to change everything about my life was required for me.  The way I was living was not working.  There, I was safe and was in a caring environment with all the staff.  I let my walls down and took great advantage of the services they had in the program.  Honesty is what I learned and touched on during my treatment.  I was given simple direction and encouraged to love myself and was taught relapse prevention.  I was angry and had absolutely no self-worth.  I received full attention when I spoke and my needs were always met.  I learned how to deal with anger and was encouraged to work with a sponsor  I am currently involved in helping others as an alumnae of New Directions for Women.

So far my experience has been exciting and very rewarding to me, thanks to my spiritual experience.”

– Arleen M.


“I arrived at New Directions for Women a scared, lost and broken woman.  I spent six months in treatment and have found myself.  I actually can look in the mirror and like what I see.  New Directions has given me the confidence and tools to live a sober life.  I have formed friendships with other women that I know will last a lifetime.

– Dena S.


“New Directions gave me the time and the freedom to concentrate on me – something I hadn’t done in over fifty years.  I built an understanding of my disease and a foundation to carry forward in my recovery.  The support of my family, the staff and women of New Directions enabled me to see how blessed I am and has left me eternally grateful.

– Claudia J.


“I want to express my sincere thanks to New Directions for Women.  Without the help and care I received during and after my treatment, I know I wouldn’t have been able to maintain my sobriety.  The Therapists and staff at New Directions have one thing in mind –  that is to see their patients succeed.  When I came in I was a complete mess, with no goals and a complete lack of ambition.  Now I am very happy to be starting college just two weeks after completing the program.

– Amanda M.


“I am so grateful for New Directions.  I am sober today because of my treatment at New Directions.  I have my life, my family, my marriage and my friends because of New Directions.  New Directions has changed my life for the best.  I am a better person as a result of being there.  I am a wife, mother, friend and productive human being in society.  I thank God for New Directions every day.”

-Brigitte H.

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