Addiction Does NOT Descriminate…Get help today

Whitney Houston (Pop Singer/Actress/Model) return to treatment for Addiction

 Addiction a Non-Discriminating Disease!

Addiction knows no bounds! It attacks and wrecks havoc on everyday people and celebrities alike. Whitney Houston is a prime example of someone that has struggled with addiction in the center stage spotlight.
Last week she again entered an outpatient treatment facility in an effort to help her longstanding recovery process. Houston first entered treatment in 2004, went back in 2005, and then declared herself clean in 2009. Like Houston many people in recovery often relapse and struggle with staying clean. Addiction is a disease that is cured through a network of support that helps and motivates the person in recovery to stay sober and clean. Often part of that support network is the treatment center that helped to get the person clean.

New Directions for Women is a residential treatment facility that helps women and their children overcome addiction through proven treatment methods including a faith-based 12-step program as well as experiential treatments such as equine therapy, yoga, and more.

For more information on New Directions for Women and how we can help your loved one, please contact us at (800) 939-6636

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