Accountability and Drug Abuse

Accountability and Drug Abuse

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    Accountability and Drug Abuse

    Accountability is a critical area of substance abuse treatment.  Once a woman sees her first clean drug test she will have one of her first positive sober experiences.  This is an experience that she will want to have again.  For every clean test there will be a sense of empowerment.  As long as she does not take a drink or a drug she will be able to trust her feelings of accomplishment and continue positive behaviors.

    When a woman has even the smallest success in rehab, it is an experience that can be mentally called upon later when she might question whether or not her efforts are worth it.  A lot of small successes will produce greater successes.  Often when women come to treatment their recent histories are a conglomerate of failures which makes them think that no matter what they do they will fail.  Women supporting women provides the greatest opportunity for healing in a loving and caring environment.  Learning to give and receive without cost to their dignity is often a new experience for many women.

    Women in treatment require the camaraderie of other women to help appreciate the positive results of their new behaviors.  Women need other women (of all ages) to support them in their hard work.  Women come into treatment with lots of trust issues and unchallenged negative beliefs about themselves.  When women have successes today, they can trust that successes tomorrow are possible.  Women will realize that they do have power over their lives as long as they work a program of recovery.  With treatment and support of other women their chances of having sustainable sobriety increase.

    Women learn to be accountable for their behavior while in treatment.  Addiction and prior learning dramatically challenges their capacity to be accountable.  The goal for women is to become empowered by their behavior and thoughts while maintaining sobriety. Without gender specific support, women’s chances of having viable sobriety are greatly reduced. We have been treating women exclusively since 1977 and have almost four decades of experience in treating the whole woman – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Call us today to learn more about our gender specific program and how we can help you or a woman in your life that you love.


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